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Roland Barthes – The Incident – from “Empire of Signs” |Evening Will Come

Roland Barthes
The Incident

Evening Will Come.

indra’s net by Donna Fleischer

“Imagine a multidimensional spider’s web in the early morning covered with dew drops. And every dew drop contains the reflection of all the other dew drops. And, in each reflected dew drop, the reflections of all the other dew drops in that reflection. And so ad infinitum. That is the Buddhist conception of the universe in an image.” ~ Alan Watts

“In Hua-yen and Zen Buddhist thought the Net of Indra, which originates in the Sanskrit “Avatamsaka Sutra”, constructs the cosmos as a multi-dimensional array of interrelationships that simultaneously and repeatedly reflect each other and the whole as jewels embedded within each node of the net.” ~ Donna Fleischer

“Indra’s Net”, the book, is housed with the Japanese Museum of Haiku Literature, Tokyo, Poets House NYC, UMASS – Amherst DuBois Library, the Canadian Haiku Society, & the California State Library Haiku Archives at Sacramento.

[indra’s net (bottle rockets press, 2003): 25 haibun by Donna Fleischer, out of print & available free at Scribd

A Longhouse Birdhouse: BIRDS ~

A Longhouse Birdhouse: BIRDS ~.


Bird Without Wing

All week long the bird was obedient to its caged routine; fed promptly at regularly

measured intervals, even naps taken perfunctorily with cosmic discipline and good

birdism. in this manner the bird did deliver song—an efficient ecstasy. On weekends the

bird was allowed to escape its cage. in moments of disturbed flurry — a dollhouse flight

tiny bell

by the mirror

rings again

Donna Fleischer
indra’s net  bottle rockets press 2003

indra’s net, 25 haibun by Donna Fleischer free to read at Scribd.


The 44pp chapbook, “indra’s net” (bottle rockets press, Wethersfield CT, 2003) contains 25 haibun by Donna Fleischer.

“Indra’s net” is housed with: the Japanese Museum of Haiku Literature, Tokyo; Poets House, NYC; the University of Massachusetts Amherst DuBois Library;  Canada Haiku Society; and the California State Library Haiku Archives at Sacramento.

“Indra’s net” is out of print, so it has been made available to readers for free on Scrib’d.  There have been 1,065 reads since this chapbook appeared at Scribd. in April 2013.

indra’s net by Donna Fleischer / Scribd.

as usual by Donna Fleischer / indra’s net

as usual


Saturday. early morning drive to work, slow down
here, slow down there, to note some insignificant
upheaval in the apparent samenessness of
November. bow my head (inside my head) in greeting,
as I pass grandeur — a Pinchot Sycamore on the bank of
this odd Farmington River that courses northward.

a small gathering of Pure Land Buddhists blessed this tree
last year — this very tree dog-tagged by a state plaque
declaring its place in record books, for size, and so,
floodlit by fame all through each night by a hideous spotlight
provoking tormented wakefulness . . .

bow my head, as well, toward the deer on the run now;
for the ones I rarely see but know to be there from
a bevy of SUVs and station wagons, of men with rifles
who check for filled chambers one last time,
for these deer, in this invisibility and washed silence I need to pray
but to whom? to what? to this tree finally, its arms pointing my eyes skyward

giant boughs        velvet maps of heaven


Donna Fleischer
from indra’s net, 2003

LYNN BEHRENDT: Collage #52 revised

LYNN BEHRENDT: Collage #52 revised.

Late in the October day, a haibun by Donna Fleischer

Late in the October day

Late in the October day sun drifts profusive and mild. Thin petal of a new moon unwrinkles in blue vapor, shivers in air grown bright as a canary. A pageant of lime yellow leaves stilled on their branches hold themselves out, like Chinese fans, out like shock waves . . .

leaves on cold cement



Donna Fleischer
from indra’s net (2003)

Hibernal, by Donna Fleischer


What do I eat here? half of it cupped in completeness in the palm of my hand on one of
these closing autumn days when darkness burrows into light. what is this from which I
hollow out my yellow-green portion? from whose garden, if not ours?—a final rinse of
sun all used up on this last edge of imminence. little boat leaky with olive oil, lemon
juice, floats in a mid-lit ripple of the harbor made in my grandmother’s faded porcelain

ark of longing
now empty
now full

Donna Fleischer
from indra’s net, 2003


Albert Dürer Lucas ‘Primroses and Violets’ 1868 oil painting

Basho’s Violets

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FIELD NOTES from Indra’s Net “and pretty soon there’s my arm !” with Donna Fleischer : Exit Strata

FIELD NOTES from Indra’s Net “and pretty soon there’s my arm !” with Donna Fleischer : Exit Strata.

Not to speak — a quote from Paul Legault

Not to speak — let the whole in./ Let this be the job of small things.
~ Paul Legault