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The Trinity Cube


When the world’s first atomic weapon exploded in New Mexico in July 1945, the energy from the blast formed a new mineral called trinitite from the desert sand. For his 2015 Trinity Cube project, artist Trevor Paglen took irradiated glass gathered from the area around where the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurred in 2011 and combined it with trinitite to form a blue cube. He then installed the cube in the Fukushima Exclusion Zone to continue to be irradiated.

The artwork will be viewable by the public when the Exclusion Zone opens again, anytime between 3 and 30,000 years from the present.

Source: The Trinity Cube

Jace Clayton on Carl Craig at Dia:Beacon – Artforum International

View of “Carl Craig: Party/After-Party,” 2020, Dia:Beacon, New York. Photo: Bill Jacobson Studio.

TECHNO WAS BORN BLACK in the American Midwest, although we have the twin engines of European connoisseurship and commercial interest to thank for the detailed hagiographies given to innovators like Carl Craig. Craig’s enormous influence is due as much to his label, Planet E Communications, as to his prolific output as a producer and DJ. In the early 1990s, his adventuresome yet accessible style formed an integral part of what fans call Detroit techno’s “second wave.”  . . .

Source: Jace Clayton on Carl Craig at Dia:Beacon – Artforum International

A Greenhouse for Extinct Flora

Installation view of Michael Wang: Extinct in New York at LMCC’s Arts Center at Governors Island (all photos by Michael Wang)

Michael Wang’s installation resembles an assisted living facility for plants.

Source: A Greenhouse for Extinct Flora

140,000 Pieces of Paper Form a Colorful ‘Universe of Words’ Installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux | Colossal

Tokyo-based French architect Emmanuelle Moureaux (previously) recently hung 140,000 pieces of paper from the ceiling to create rainbow passageways in celebration of a Japanese soft drink company’s centennial. Each piece of paper is cut in the form of a symbol from the Japanese writing system, hiragana . . . .

The colorful installation, titled “Universe of Words,” . . . was inspired by the tradition of writing wishes on paper and hanging them from bamboo branches.

Source: 140,000 Pieces of Paper Form a Colorful ‘Universe of Words’ Installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux | Colossal

Minor Master or Master of the Minor? | Hyperallergic

Joe Brainard, “Untitled (Hard Body)” (1977), mixed media on paper, 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches

One reason Joe Brainard made so many small works was to convey that modesty and ambition were not mutually exclusive.

Source: Minor Master or Master of the Minor?

Power in Diversity: fierce pussy Interviewed – BOMB Magazine


fierce pussy, AND SO ARE YOU, 2018. Facade installation. Leslie-Lohman Museum. Photo (c) Kristine Eudey.

AJ — But there’s something about calling out to the spectator that’s of thismoment. The internet pretends to make room but actually forecloses the possibility of room, and so reaching out into the street and making roomseems really critical right now.

Source: Power in Diversity: fierce pussy Interviewed – BOMB Magazine

Rimbaud’s Litter by Patti Smith | Wadsworth Atheneum


Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, installation by Patti Smith. Photo by Rena Silverman.

“Curated by the museum’s director Susan Talbott, Patti Smith: Camera Solo, which opened last week, features three rooms of Smith’s photographs. One of the rooms is entirely devoted to Arthur Rimbaud: a recreation of the stretcher he was carried on . . . .” – Rena Silverman, BOMB magazine, 1.7.11

Stricken with painful inflammation in his right knee for twenty days, the 19th-Century French poet Rimbaud hired workers to build a litter on which they carried him for 300 kilometers from Harer to Zeilah in eastern Ethiopia. The journey took twelve days across the desert. He was poor and sick and needed this gentle carrying. But the inflammation was already too far gone. By the time he arrived back in France his right leg had to be amputated and he died on November 10, 1891.

When I visited the Patti Smith: Camera Solo exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, it was her installation, Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, that moved me most. It was delicately, simply, and starkly constructed. Its scale, materials, and final placement in the room conveyed a truth, a beauty, a love, a poem finally, holding his presence in absence, holding vigil.  – Donna Fleischer

Rimbaud’s Letter to His Mother April 30, 1891

Patti Smith: Camera Solo by Rena Silverman

Arthur Rimbaud


Agnieszka Kurant | Art in America

View of Agnieszka Kurant’s exhibition, showing an untitled work, 2014, conveyor belt and mirror; at Tanya Bonakdar.

Agnieszka Kurant – Reviews – Art in America.

MASS MOCA Doubles Size, Hosts Projects by Turrell, Holzer, Laurie Anderson – News – Art in America

James Turrell, Breathing Light, 2013, LED light into space, dimensions variable, Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Photo Floriann Holzerr.

MASS MOCA Doubles Size, Hosts Projects by Turrell, Holzer, Laurie Anderson – News – Art in America.

Jorge Costa

Jorge Costa, Uncategorized, 2013

Jorge Costa, Uncategorized, 2013

Jorge Costa