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Comey, in Interview, Calls Trump ‘Morally Unfit’ and ‘Stain’ on All Around Him – The New York Times

Caroline Kennedy speaks about the JFK legacy – YouTube

James Baldwin: The Artist’s Struggle for Integrity (full lecture)

How Hillary Became a Politician – The New Yorker


How Hillary Became a Politician – The New Yorker.

coloring story by Katie Yates

like coolness, like interruptions, like integrity, like a snow flake cut from paper, like a group of children imagining the days before them littered with sweets, fairies, nymphs, bicycles and the sea, sand.

coloring story by Katie Yates.

Clayton Eshleman’s Experience / Nomadics

Clayton Eshleman’s Experience.

Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary / Occupy Wall Street