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Language is the atmospheric anomaly our fingers and tongues make happen | HTMLGIANT

Language is the atmospheric anomaly our fingers and tongues make happen | HTMLGIANT.

A Love Letter to Elizabeth Park / Donna Fleischer



Elizabeth Park Rose Garden Arches Wrapped for Winter (David Wilson Photo)

Dear Friends of Elizabeth Park:

I am a longtime friend of Elizabeth Park. It has been a sanctuary for me for much of my adult life. When my mother was dying from cancer we sought refuge in the beauty and peace of the park. We were apartment dwellers in Hartford and did not have a backyard in which to savor afternoons together. Elizabeth Park became our backyard.

Over the years I enjoyed many a hot dog and coke at Marty’s pondhouse concession; grew older reading Lorine Niedecker with my friends the trees; imagined Wallace Stevens in his straw hat, sitting in the Oriental garden which abutts Walbridge Road; quenched my bicycle-riding-thirst at the park’s water fountain; played many games of tennis & frisbee with dog friends; reflected on Magdelena Abakanowicz’s sculpture “Abacans” when viewing the rose garden arches wrapped in burlap for the winter; and wrote a haibun, a Japanese poetic form of prose and haiku, entitled “nakazora” about the rose garden and its gazebo. [below]

Many  don’t know you boast the oldest municipal rose garden in the United States as well as some of the rarest trees in the country, but that never really mattered to me. You were ample in your vivid presences of every season, in the interstices you are. ~ Yours truly, Donna Fleischer


they enter beneath an aureole of blue sky cupping a rose garden gazebo with nippled roof radiating so many paths of desire

they fall
to the earth they
fall to love

Donna Fleischer
*for Buddhists nakazora is a realm which exists between earth and sky where birds and other beings fly; path of desire is an architectural term signifying a short cut