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The Operating System – ENTROPY

Source: The Operating System – ENTROPY


Trace Peterson – Identity, Praxis, and kari edwards’ Trans Poetics  | Poetry Center

Trace Peterson, pictured with succubus in my pocket by kari edwards

Lambda Literary established a new award in Transgender Poetry for the first time one year ago.

Source: Identity, Praxis, and kari edwards’ Trans Poetics | Poetry Center

Frances McDormand explains Inclusion Rider at Oscars – Full Backstage Speech – YouTube

Brooklyn Poets | Nada Gordon

Source: Brooklyn Poets | Nada Gordon

‘I have never understood a single poem’: Chi Tran Interviews Mei-mei Berssenbrugge | Cordite Poetry Review


Image courtesy of The Operating System

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge Interview | Cordite

William Gass (1924 – 2017)

Histories of Violence: Affect, Power, Violence — The Political Is Not Personal Brad Evans interviews Brian Massumi


Brian Massumi

Massumi Interview on Violence | LA Review of Books