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MoMA / Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language / Dial-A-Poem

MoMA | Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language | Dial-A-Poem.

“wanna call up all the dead people
and hear ’em say hello”

Donna Fleischer
stanza excerpt from Intimate Boundaries 

The Matter of Poetry, a poem by Donna Fleischer

The Matter of Poetry

We are walking
We are walking within
a slow dark river
among a calendar of wide stones
white with sun standing up like sound

We want them to say hello
We want them to name us too
In our anonymous solitude we call out
‘look at me’, we call this g-d, we say
we are walking with the
great gypsum eye who speaks with stones

Donna Fleischer
from Intimate Boundaries, 1991

Romantic Circles Blog / dark ecology

Romantic Circles Blog » dark ecology.

Heidi Lynn Staples, thank you!

Going to California: David Wilson / Art21 Blog

David Wilson

John Berger / and our faces, my heart, brief as photos (English Version): #181: October 26, 2010



~and our faces, my heart, brief as photos~ (English Version): #181: October 26, 2010.

The Fencesitter by Donna Fleischer

The Fencesitter

Sitting upon this barren splintered boundary
bound to erosion yet denying laws of form,
divorced from function, split
before deep caring would perform

The history of this hillside speaks
of an unresolved hunger and possession,
of a carelessness breaking up its syntax
somewhere along some kind of stem
of fluid dependence, of intimacy

Yet even now, an order, from the roots
through the stem onto the surface of the land
lay its part across
the soil of another integrity

In my place with this hillside
we possess only the deep quiet meaning
of our relations, of a completeness
so familiar, and infrequent that
feeling and thinking unknowingly
accept their union

This fence, and the woody backbone
of my own humanness, grow together tall
along the spine of this hill,
pitch their shadows evenly across
a common moving ground of changing
shapes and relations,
as lovers sometimes will with patience

Greeting the common air of difference
our tall parts conjoin as one sad body
reaching joyeously for the sky
where further complex forms extend
their wings, accept
this suddenly tilting light,
as the sun
goes casually down
when the fences
and fuse

Donna Fleischer
Intimate Boundaries 1991