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a poem by Scott Metz at is/let


Source: is/let

Juneteenth – is/let


Source: Juneteenth – is/let

Marlene Mountain – is/let

Marlene Mountain


Source: Marlene Mountain – is/let

her website

Haiku as a Protest

then I must go to the Mountain: (space reserved) for Marlene Mountain / by Jack Galmitz

A Very Warm Mountain / by Richard Gilbert

Image Haiku of Marlene Mountain

photo from American Haiku Archives

something of a scar / by Richard Gilbert | is/let


Richard Gilbert | is/let

perilous warm light / by Donna Fleischer | is/let


autumn leaves [monostitch] by Kala Ramesh | is/let


is/let, a new online journal of experimental ku and the minimal poem


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