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5 (parallel tanka) – Heliosparrow Poetry Journal

– Kala Ramesh

Source: 5 (parallel tanka) – Heliosparrow Poetry Journal

otata 28, April 2018

Kala Ramesh

the blossom’s shadow a shadow of its morning glory


Antonio Mangiameli

panni al sole —
un gattino in strada
gra a le ombre

clothes hung-out —
a kitten in the street
scratches the shadows


Source: April 2018 – Otata

HaikuWALL India on Vimeo

autumn leaves [monostitch] by Kala Ramesh | is/let


Darkness Haiku by Kala Ramesh | Neverending Story

my fear –

     the darkness

between stars


– Kala Ramesh

Simply Haiku, 7:2, Summer 2009

Darkness Haiku

Gita chanting by Kala Ramesh | tinywords

Gita chanting –
as each stanza ends
the bell

– Kala Ramesh
      ISSUE 13.3

The HAIKU seasons for India by Kala Ramesh / Akita International Haiku Network

Kala Ramesh (London)

Kala Ramesh (London)

The HAIKU seasons for India by Kala Ramesh