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because of a story in which the mother by Katie Yates

because of a story in which the mother by Katie Yates.

coloring story by Katie Yates

like coolness, like interruptions, like integrity, like a snow flake cut from paper, like a group of children imagining the days before them littered with sweets, fairies, nymphs, bicycles and the sea, sand.

coloring story by Katie Yates.

poem for the house by Katie Yates. Stockport Flats, 2012 | The Volta


The Volta: Friday Feature.

emergent story by Katie Yates

of dizziness, sexuality & circles around @ streetcorners, city-life, under-explained, trips into, foreclosure, definitiveness, color that is sound for today. 

emergent story by Katie Yates.

poet stories by Katie Yates


Where the grocery list reads: laundry detergent & soup, the youngests’ birthday gift (Old Navy), later, rent a place where the drains work and where the schools are small and where you might have a place to keep your things, be able to find a pen, run, run behind paving vehicles while the children watch t.v., apply for work in central Connecticut not knowing how you’ll get there thinking that maybe well obviously it’s better to sing like Norah Jones.

poet stories by Katie Yates.

Summer meditation story by Katie Yates

Because it isn’t until you have two children with you in the car that you are driving through rural Vermont and the transmission goes out after three decades of driving trips. A driving story. We break down at the Putney Food Co-op across from Community Gardens. Are offered rides north to Karme Choling, Barnet, VT. Then we pay for another ride further north from White River Junction to close to Montreal. All this to roll mantras, to paint likenesses of the Buddha. A volunteer weekend. The kids push the agenda forward so we made it. Gloriously. A path.

Summer meditation story by Katie Yates.

city drop off story by Katie Yates | Cowbird


other side of the drop off, husband who likes the city, proximity to culture, whereas I prefer a field, lack of complexity, no need to mow, to rope off the living room so the children won’t ruin the furniture, where a cup of tea is the even, a skein of yarn, a new loaf of bread kind of a morning, underscored wisdom, relentless blends of truth.

city drop off story by Katie Yates.

Vermont (a story) by Katie Yates | Cowbird


clouds, in gathering, sun arises instantly, orange satin, white silk, a throne covering the mountains, a mist, frog-song in the evening, birds amongst flags, the archery range, the ladies-in-waiting, so pretty and the sacred texts & songs, the journey across mountain ranges from select to anonymous, heart-sung, immediate, what we know instantly, and instantly again.  — Katie Yates

Vermont (a story) by Katie Yates | Cowbird

Gabe’s Fiddle by Katie Yates


Gabe’s Fiddle by Katie Yates.

poem for the house by Katie Yates, Stockport Flats, 2012. / The Volta: Friday Feature

The Volta: Friday Feature.