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The ‘beauty of sorrow’ in the TV masterpiece, My Mister | 3 Quarks Daily


Source: The ‘beauty of sorrow’ in the TV masterpiece, My Mister | 3 Quarks Daily



Burning, a Korean film from Lee Chang Dong

Source: MovieMaker

Kim Min-ki: The Mountain Peak (English Subtitles) 김민기 봉우리 영어자막 – YouTube

ko un – flowers of a moment / Bashō’s Road

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Lee Ufan: Artist, Philosopher, Writer – Guggenheim, thru Sept 28, 2011

Shadow Room Lee Ufan Museum in Naoshima, Japan

~ from Queensland Art Gallery

Followers of Mono-Ha sought to shift the direction of contemporary Japanese art by focusing on non-Western positions ― such as the philosophical concerns of Buddhism and Daoism ― as essential elements of modern avant-garde practice. In Lee Ufan’s own words:

The Mona-Ha [the school of things] was a group of artists
who set out to make things be as they are. Not through creation
but by organic recombinations and slippages, they endeavoured
to let the outside air permeate and accept other beings. So their
methods of composition relied on chance contributions . . .
reducing acts and images as far as possible.

Lee Ufan: Marking Infinity / Guggenheim

An Ambiguous Medium: On Lee Ufan by Barry Schwabsky / The Nation


If a bell is struck, the sound reverberates into the distance. Similarly, if a point filled with mental energy is painted on a canvas (or a wall), it sends vibrations into the surrounding unpainted space. The phenomenon of yohaku is resonance created in the surrounding area by stimulating a particular place . . .


Yohaku transcends objects and words, leading people to silence, and causing them to breathe infinity.

~ Lee Ufan


Untitled notes, n.d., from Lee Ufan: Painting, Sculptures — 52nd La Biennale di Venezia (Milan) Fondazione Mudima, 2007)


POETRY the film by South Korean director Lee Chang-dong

actress Yun Jung-hee

 Poetry, the film

Ko Un / Sunlight


I’m utterly helpless.
I’ll just have to swallow my spit
and adversity, too.
But look!
A distinguished visitor deigns to visit
my tiny, north-facing cell.
Not the chief making his rounds, no.
As evening falls, a ray of sunlight.
A gleam no bigger than a crumpled postage stamp.
I’m crazy about it! Real first love!
I try to get it to settle on the palm of my hand,
to warm the toes of my shyly bared foot.
Then as I kneel and offer it my undevout, lean face,
in a moment that scrap of sunlight slips away.
After the guest has departed through the bars
the room feels several times colder and darker.
This special cell of a military prison
is like a photographer’s darkroom.
Without any sunlight I laughed like a fool.
One day it was a coffin holding a corpse.
One day it was altogether the sea. How wonderful!
A few people survive here.
Being alive is a sea
without a single sail in sight.

Ko Un
(Green Integer Books, 2009)