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A Longhouse Birdhouse: KO UN ~

Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: KO UN ~

“Bird” by Shin Dal-Ja – Left/Write Lit

For you,
I was a bird.

Unable to speak,
only cry.
A pitiful bird
with no one to understand.

And each day,
to make my wings ache
I flew to all the places
you traveled.

And at night,
I was the bird
sadly singing
outside your room.


나는 당신에게
한마리 새였었다

말은 못하고
울기만 하는
아무도 몰라주는
구슬픈 새였었다

날이 날마다
날개가 아프도록
당신 가는 곳만

당신 방에 불이 꺼지면
울어대는 한마리 새였었다.


Shin Dal-Ja (image source)

Source: “Bird” by Shin Dal-Ja – Left/Write Lit

Winter Pond by Jang Seok-Nam


I walk across a frozen pond.
Here is where the water-lilies were.
Under here was the black rock where the catfish would hide.
Occasionally a cracking sound as if it is splitting
as love grows deeper.

All the irises are bent over.
My shoulders, knees, feet, that all summer long I saw reflected, sitting on this rock, have frozen like the irises.
They too show no sign of having watched the reflection of something before this.
Although the fourteenth-day moon comes in its course, icily
all remain silent.

Suppose someone comes along,
loud steps treading on the pond,
and addresses me anxiously, saying:
“This is where I used to be.”
“This is where that star used to come.”

Jang Seok-Nam
(translated from Korean by Brother Anthony of Taize)