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Daoku is a modern brief verse form in three short lines that continues the essential aesthetics of the best of old Japanese objective hokku, adapted to a non-Japanese language context. . . .


perilous warm light / by Donna Fleischer | is/let


mimesis by Sabine Miller | is/let


is/let, a new online journal of experimental ku and the minimal poem


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O, heart of a New Year’s pine by Bashō, English version by Scott Watson


O, heart of a New Year’s pine

to endure so many frosts

* a sprig of pine, here, denotes a New Year’s decoration fixed at an entrance or gateway to signify the presence of toshigami (year-god) which will ensure prosperity and health for that year.

Ku by Bashō

Version by Scott Watson

Donna Fleischer – take it off, no / Bones No. 2

take it off, no

not the red dress the mask

that is the red dress

Donna Fleischer
Bones No. 2 p38

public grounds –, by Donna Fleischer

public grounds –
we can visit anytime we like,
quince tree

Donna Fleischer
CT Environmental Headlines

plop, a ku by Donna Fleischer


frog swims

an omstroke

Donna Fleischer
Sept 5, 2012

tree shadows, a ku by Donna Fleischer / R’r 12.2 August 28, 2012

tree shadows

 a lifetime

in pencil lines


Donna Fleischer
R’r  12.2 August 28, 2012
“in on Other”, p87

R’r Blog | —a/new kind of ku—.

the everywhere . . . , a one-line ku by cora whitmore

the everywhere death unfolding spring

cora whitmore

Roadrunner Ku 11.3