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Kate Millett, ‘high priestess’ of second-wave feminism, dies at 82 – The Washington Post

Dr. Millett, left, listens as feminist activist Gloria Steinem speaks at a news conference in New York City in 1970. (AP)

Her 1970 tract “Sexual Politics” was a cornerstone of the women’s liberation movement.

. . . In 1970, while married to a Japanese sculptor, she was speaking at Columbia when an audience member demanded to know if Dr. Millett was a lesbian.

“Five hundred people looking at me,” Dr. Millett later wrote. “Everything pauses, faces look up in terrible silence. I hear them not breathe. That word in public, the word I waited half a lifetime to hear. Finally I am accused. ‘Say it. Say you are a Lesbian.’

Source: Kate Millett, ‘high priestess’ of second-wave feminism, dies at 82 – The Washington Post

Under the Sign of Sappho – / current issue

“MY DESIRE TO WRITE is connected with my homosexuality. I need the identity as a weapon, to match the weapon that society has against me,” Sontag wrote on December 24, 1959, the year she divorced Philip Rieff, whom she married when she was seventeen, in 1950, and whom she identifies in this same entry as her “enemy.” She ends that day’s observations with this: “Being queer makes me feel more vulnerable. It increases my wish to hide, to be invisible—which I’ve always felt anyway.”

Source: Under the Sign of Sappho – / current issue