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Huey P. Newton, “The Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” (1970) • BlackPast

Huey P. Newton

Source: Huey P. Newton, “The Women’s Liberation and Gay Liberation Movements” (1970) • BlackPast


Galina Rymbu; Poems – palmermethode

the moving space of the revolution
you think you’re Nekrasov or something, bitch?
war machines all along the roadside
the functionary of the whip
took a taste
little dialogues going on in a black bar
conspirators sleep
in butovo, golianovo, khimki
halted by knowledge
bought on sale
but my beloved isn’t sleeping
what will you do
but my lover isn’t sleeping
what should I tell him
a boy in a freshly bought che guevara t-shirt
thrashing about incoherently in a jail cell
in his face you can see a beast, a bear,
pieces of a wolf, a machine gun report
the hallways of our houses are covered with slime
livelihood leaves no space for life
and no strength to choose death
so they choose struggle
washing the bodies of the dead with the red nightmare
buying your son a toy out of inertia
hinting at war
but my beloved isn’t sleeping
she’s crossed over the barrier
but my lover isn’t sleeping
he’s already setting everyone free
though he says: the liberation narrative is dead
and this autumn the sacrificial smoke of animals will rise into the air
this autumn a pale fire
we gave ghosts the keys to our apartment
people with no savings come out to meet us
this autumn rips your heart out
it screams, “where is your heart?”
and everything inside burns
the body is a travelling puppet show of criticism, fury, horror
and there’s no impulse anymore
to tear off one’s shirt, to tear away and stomp down the wet highway
these are the words of someone who’s never known age
for someone who
never loved and died

Source: Galina Rymbu; Poems – palmermethode

Dionne Brand: Writing Against Tyranny and Toward Liberation – YouTube

a kind of liberation . . ., a haiku by Maya Okusaka, translated by Fay Aoyagi / Blue Willow Haiku World

それはひとつの解放ビル街に雪   奥坂まや

sore wa hitotsu no kaihô birugai ni yuki

a kind of liberation…


in a business district

Maya Okusaka

from “Haiku Shiki” (“Haiku Four Seasons,” a monthly haiku magazine) ,  March 2013 Issue, Tokyo Shiki Shuppan, Tokyo

haiku by Maya Okusaka at Blue Willow Haiku World for January 13, 2014

Shirin Neshat’s film “Women Without Men” / Official Trailer

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers / The Guardian

After the Party: Music and the Black Panthers | Music | The Guardian.