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Recent Works with Rebecca Horn / YouTube

~ bita, to the artist Suhni California for sharing this kind of magnificence

Paul Celan / Language Mesh (Sprachgitter)


Eye’s roundness between the bars.

Vibratile monad eyelid
propels itself upward,
releases a glance.

Iris, swimmer, dreamless and dreary:
the sky, heart-grey, must be near.

Athwart, in the iron holder,
the smoking splinter.
By its sense of light
you divine the soul.

(If I were like you. If you were like me.
Did we not stand
under one trade wind?
We are strangers.)

The flagstones. On them,
close to each other, the two
heart-grey puddles:
mouthsfull of silence.

Paul Celan
Michael Hamburger, trans.

Modo de dire

Michelangelo cannot catch his breath. He
says nothing to his companions.

How do you say, the dust is numberless lights that fall
in fiery trails on clothes and hair and moving
hands? How do you say I labor here as the Maker
made, in shrift, a whole that echoes in my
every strike , and bathes my face
in rain?

My hands move in dreams I cannot show. Go home,
take wine. My neck lies on David’s like a brother.

Charles Bane Jr
WPB / NYC and Anything Else (Blog)

in a wrinkle

of light


Donna Fleischer

in a wrinkle

of light


~ Donna Fleischer


~ visual poem by Alexander Jorgensen

(Appears in The Return of Kral Majales:
Prague’s International Literary Renaissance