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Solitary Plover – Summer 2020

Adoration of the Ear

                                    – ekphrasis on an African linguist’s staff

crooked staff

like a great tree



swept air clear for

feeling’s drum


burnished gold leaf,

with thumb roll of

an elephant’s dung

into ear shape


with a trunk trumpets

vowels of savannah


Donna Fleischer

Solitary Plover Summer 2020
issue #32

Popcorn-can Cover – Niedecker | Illustrated Poetry

Source: Popcorn-can Cover – Niedecker | Illustrated Poetry

On Lorine Niedecker’s “Foreclosure” [CCCR] – YouTube

Donna Fleischer ∞ two poems in Solitary Plover issue 27 Winter 2018


my furious heart


the crow
first to rise, its
silent aubade

o dark,
dark nature

of light


Donna Fleischer

Solitary Plover Issue 27 Winter 2018

Poem, by Donna Fleischer | Solitary Plover, issue #25



when the last motor


imagine such quiet


one can hear snow


butterfly wings

a rose



clouds move

an ant





the sound

of the shape of

the water

Donna Fleischer
Solitary Plover issue #25
Winter 2017

Lorine Niedecker’s ‘Lake Superior’ — Rhetoric of the everyday | Jacket2

“Looking Out to the River,” Lorine Niedecker, Blackhawk Island, WI, March 1966 (image courtesy of the Fort Atkinson Historical Society).

” . . . poetry is especially important as a mode of inquiry; it accepts the necessity of mood to make sense of experience. Mood establishes a particular kind of bond between author and reader.”  – Martha Nussbaum

Rhetoric of the everyday | Jacket2.

A Longhouse Birdhouse: NEW! LORINE NIEDECKER ~

A Longhouse Birdhouse: NEW! LORINE NIEDECKER ~.

Get out your reading skillet. I have the 1992 edition from Cid Corman, Bob Arnold is Cid Corman’s literary executor, and Lorine Niedecker, could cook and write. Gastronomically, literarily, and gleefully recommended. – Donna Fleischer

Poison Ivy-O by Donna Fleischer | Solitary Plover issue #21 Winter 2015

Poison Ivy-O

O poison ivy I cut a wide berth
walking by, Ah, what chemical powers
instantaneously amass
from the nearest box store, and like you
there is always one of those close by

Except, who am I to decide? a nobody too.
And like you, even hated enough by some
who would wish me dead for being, merely
another old woman

We have learned, you and me,
how to hide in the lush overgrowth of easements,

in these overlooked places we creep


– Donna Fleischer
Solitary Plover issue 321 Winter 2015

The 2014 Lorine Niedecker Wisconsin Poetry Festival October 10 & 11. View the schedule of events at Friends of LN


Lorine Niedecker 2014 Wisconsin Poetry Festival Schedule

the black dragonfly by Donna Fleischer | Solitary Plover, Issue #20, Summer 2014

the black dragonfly

gleams with late day sun

a samurai’s dream

– Donna Fleischer


Solitary Plover Summer 2014 Issue #20