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“Geologic Time from Now On!”: Lorine Niedecker’s Lake Superior by Heather Houser | Los Angeles Review of Books


Poet Lorine Niedecker  (Photograph by Jonathan Williams)

Lorine Niedecker

Of Strangeness That Wakes Us On mother tongues, fatherlands, and Paul Celan. BY ILYA KAMINSKY / Poetry Foundation

402px-Celan_passphoto_1938Paul Celan  1938 passport photo (Wikimedia Commons)

Of Strangeness That Wakes Us

POETRY MONTH 30/30/30 : Inspiration, Community, Tradition: DAY 23: Lauren Marie Cappello on Lorine Niedecker : Exit Strata

Lorine Niedecker
POETRY MONTH 30/30/30 : Inspiration, Community, Tradition: DAY 23: Lauren Marie Cappello on Lorine Niedecker : Exit Strata.

Isola di Rifiuti: Flood

Leonardo da Vinci, “Drawing of a Flood,” c. 1500

Isola di Rifiuti: Flood.

the passing of Phyllis Walsh, poet, editor, small press publisher : on September 4, 2012

Early morning messages today from Ce Rosenow telling of the passing of our mutual friend and small press pal, Phyllis Walsh. Phyllis was a poet, located in that long tradition of Wisconsin wholeness, so no surprise she regularly and dutifully also issued from there her haiku journalHummingbird. I hold them all, thanks to Phyllis. ~ Bob Arnold at  A Longhouse Birdhouse

Phyllis Walsh, poet, writer, and small press publisher and editor of “Hummingbird” , has died. Ce Rosenow, poet, publisher, and president of the Haiku Society of America, has noted. 

Phyllis Walsh championed the small poem, the small press, the work of Lorine Niedecker, and so many poets, I was one.

I loved Phyllis Walsh, as poet, writer, and editor. Her journal Hummingbird  is already legend. Her short poems in the chapbooks Center Stillness (Scythe Press, 1989) and River (Hummingbird Press, 1993) are visitations, proximal, light seared. Also, a rare fineness is her understanding of Lorine Niedecker, in Walsh’s book on the poet, Lorine Niedecker: Solitary Plover (Juniper Press, 1992).

Rest in peace in your center stillness, Phyllis Walsh.  Donna Fleischer

wild iris island





empty cove’s

resident egret remembered –

above, cloudless blue

Phyllis Walsh
from River

set in water patterns

lake center


Phyllis Walsh
from Center Stillness

two poems, by Donna Fleischer / Solitary Plover #16, Summer 2012

in the bare spindly tree      one bird’s song

traffic cone
in a bed of tulips
where am I going?

Donna Fleischer
from Solitary Plover #16

A Longhouse Birdhouse: Lorine Niedecker “Lost and Found: CUNY Poetics” It’s Ready!

Homemade Poems by Lorine Niedecker from CUNY Graduate Center

Lorine Niedecker – Biography

Lorine Niedecker – Biography.

Issa’s Untidy Hut: Certitude of Laundromats: Albert Huffstickler (12/17/1927 – 2/25/2002)

lorine niedecker | a poet’s life / Bashō’s Road

Bashō\’s Road » Blog Archive » lorine niedecker | a poet’s life.

~ photograph of the poet by Jonathan Williams