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The Gospel According to Marianne Williamson – The New York Times

Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » Gary Snyder – Poet of Deep Ecology at 89


Gary Snyder (Photo by Allen Ginsberg )


Happy birthday Gary Snyder (May 8 1930)


“Range after range of mountains.
Year after year after year.
I am still in love.”

― Gary Snyder, Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems


Source: Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » Gary Snyder – Poet of Deep Ecology at 89

How Gay Are You? – The New York Times

Toni Morrison: First Lady of Letters – The New York Times

Toni Morrison does not belong to black America. She doesn’t belong to white America. She is not “one of us.” She is all of us. She is not one nation. She is every nation. Her life is an instruction manual on how to be humble enough, small enough, tiny enough, gracious enough, heartful enough, big enough, to do what Ella Fitzgerald did at Harvard 37 years ago. To take an unknowing audience in the cradle of her hand and say, “I love you … and you … and you. …” To love someone. It’s the greatest democratic act imaginable. It’s the greatest novel ever written. Isn’t that why we read books in the first place?

James McBride

The 12 Best LGBTQ Films of 2018

The Advocate’s editors selected the year’s most moving, surprising, and vital films that centered on queer lives.

Source: The 12 Best LGBTQ Films of 2018

The Fearless Cinema of Claire Denis | The New Yorker


The attention Denis pays her actors is an absorption that resembles love. Photograph by Paul Rousteau for The New Yorker

In “High Life,” the filmmaker’s English-language début, Denis set out to tell the story of the last person in the world.

Source: The Fearless Cinema of Claire Denis | The New Yorker

Woo – Into The Heart Of Love (Cassette) – YouTube

Ariana Reines