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Sitting on The Floor of a Train Station in Asia – Poem by Miriam Sagan

Sitting on The Floor of a Train Station in Asia

on the camping pad you kindly lent me
not for camping
but for just such a collapse
by the luggage cart
in Narita
and seeing a cute toddler
pitch a huge fit
while his mother
also sits on the cold floor
and his tall father
leans down and says
a few soothing words
that don’t work at all

some things
just have to work themselves out
and I might be
one of those things
exiting the train station
in an unknown country
suddenly flooded
with the Manhattan
of my early childhood
its acrid cold smell
that awakens

and there beneath a huge full moon
dark alleyways reveal themselves
in striation
and a wide street of food stalls
and tiny restaurants
seating three people
and bars
no woman would enter
and strips of paper
rustling like pampas grass
advertising everything
you’d ever want
and a grove
of plastic cherry blossoms
permanently pink and white
in the winter’s night

I slept, I woke up,
I slept again
I opened my mouth
to let in the taste
of the enormous city
to taste the air
of wandering
as a newborn
that first slap of air


Miriam Sagan
Miriam’s Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond


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