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Marilyn McCabe’s New/found/land – Poetry Film Live

video-essay about connection to a landscape by Marilyn McCabe

Source: New/found/land – Poetry Film Live

Cap Region Creatives: Marilyn McCabe – ACE

Marilyn is a published poet, living in Saratoga Springs. Her main creative outlet is poetry, sometimes making videos that blend her words with images and sound. She offers writing workshops in conjunction with the Hyde Collection and writes book reviews for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise. In this interview, Marilyn offers insight on what it means […]

Source: Cap Region Creatives: Marilyn McCabe – ACE

The Unfolding Earth – a poem by Marilyn McCabe – Amethyst Review

The Unfolding Earth

Wind attracts wind,

sound comes along,

with seeds and a different dirt,

as the sea drags anything loose,

plants it where it has never belonged,

strange slate, a plant desperate for land.

Life wants itself. Will pay any price.

Are we the only species that mulls the past

incessently, invest futures of jewels and virgins,

of heavenly hosts singing

beyond this land under our terrible feet?

We’re dying to get there, love.




the sea

desperate for land


incessently invest                jewels and

heavenly           singing

, love







Marilyn McCabe

Source: The Unfolding Earth – a poem by Marilyn McCabe – Amethyst Review

Poem by Apollinaire – translated by Marilyn McCabe | 3 Quarks Daily

The Hotel

My room is like a cage.
The sun hangs its arms through the bars.
But I, I want to smoke,
to curl shapes in the air;
I light my cigarette
on the day’s fire.
I do not want to work —
I want to smoke.


Ma chambre a la forme d’une cage,
Le soleil passe son bras par la fenêtre.
Mais moi qui veux fumer pour faire des mirages,
J’allume au feu du jour ma cigarette,
Je ne veux pas travailler — je veux fumer.

by Guillaume Apollinaire
translated by Marilyn McCabe

Source: Sunday Poem | 3 Quarks Daily

Marilyn McCabe – Writing in Mind | Solstice Literary Magazine

. . . some as yet unreached depth of emotional truth. And I am starting to think that the only way to get there is to write my way there. – Marilyn McCabe

Source: Writing, Meditation, and the Art of Looking – Solstice Literary Magazine

Verse Osmosis – Poems and Translations by The Boiler House Poets



poets + Tupelo Press Residency + Mass MoCA Boiler House = Verse Osmosis

During a workshop guided by Jeffrey Levine, poet and Tupelo Press publisher, poets paired off to translate overnight their partner’s poem. Those original poems and translations comprise Verse Osmosis, edited by Ann Dernier with a foreword by Donna Fleischer. The Boiler House Poets are: Marilyn McCabe, Ann Dernier (Kore Press), Kyle Laws (Casa de Cinco Hermanas Press), Gail DiMaggio, Kay Morgan, Joanne Corey, Victoria G. Smith, james albert, and Donna Fleischer. 

Verse Osmosis at Blurb Publications