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Thoughts on Incrementalism and Inaction – Real Hartford

McKibben, in Eaarth, writes: “My only real fear is that the reality described in this book, and increasingly evident in the world around us, will be for some an excuse to give up. We need just the opposite — increased engagement. Some of that engagement will be local: building the kind of communities and economies that can withstand what’s coming. And some of it must be global: we must step up the fight to keep climate change from getting even more powerfully out of control, and to try to protect those people most at risk, who are almost always those who have done the least to cause the problem.”

Source: Thoughts on Incrementalism and Inaction – Real Hartford

Burning Down the House | by Alan Weisman | The New York Review of Books


©Richard Misrach/Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

Richard Misrach: Untitled, 2007

Even McKibben struggles for an adequate vocabulary to describe the duplicity of oil companies: “There should be a word for when you commit treason against an entire planet.”

I’m not the only writer to wonder whether books are still an appropriate medium to convey the frightening speed of environmental upheaval. But the environment is infinitely intricate, and mere articles—much less daily newsfeeds or Twitter—can barely scratch the surface of environmental issues, let alone explore the extent of their consequences. Ecology, after all, is about how everything connects to everything else. Something so complex and crucial still requires books to attempt to explain it.

Source: Burning Down the House | by Alan Weisman | The New York Review of Books

Bill McKibben . . . You Can’t Bargain About Global Warming With Chemistry and Physics The Huffington Post

Bill McKibben on Global Warming