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Bloomfield’s Bobolinks ARE Back!
By Zellene Sandler

Down on the Pampas of Argentina, our Bobolinks were restless. They fattened themselves on rice until they were almost bursting. They will need that energy for their 6,000 mile flight to their nesting grounds. In early March, they take to the air, flying at night, up from South America, crossing the Gulf of Mexico and heading east from there. They face the challenges of a long migration: weather and storms, guns, predators and more.

The birds that bred at Auerfarm State Park last year and their offspring will head up the East Coast and return as they do every year in mid-May, for they are loyal to the place of their birth. The males will arrive first, exhausted and hungry. Their brilliant yellow, white and black plumage is at its best. The females in drab brown arrive a week later. The males will sing for a mate, a song that has been described as “a bubbly delirium of ecstatic music.” * They will build a nest on the ground amidst the tall grasses.

Bobolinks can also be found in Bloomfield in the fields at Seabury and at Sam Wheeler Reed Park. Because they nest on the ground, they require unmowed fields. Unfortunately, some farmers hay their fields when unfledged birds are in the nest, unable to fly and escape certain death. We are fortunate that we have preserved fields where Bobolinks are protected.

The United Nations Environmental Program added Bobolinks to their list of priority species. In Connecticut they remain a threatened species. Their decline is alarming and is mostly due to habitat loss. Grasslands are one of our most threatened environments. Hopefully, our Bobolinks will keep returning every year to sing their song and produce the next generation of Bloomfield Bobolinks.

We are delighted to report that Bobolinks were sighted at both Auerfarm State Park Scenic Reserve and Seabury Wildwoods during the Connecticut Trails Day and Celebrate Bloomfield hikes in June.

January 28 2018, Sunday Comic Strip

Source: January 28 2018, Sunday Comic Strip

Jonathan Skinner: Monarch Migration Plunges, Plant Milkweed / Life at Pugsley: Guest Blog

Life at Pugsley: Guest Blog: Monarch Migration Plunges, Plant Milkweed.

Being Caribou by Leanne Allison & Diana Wilson – NFB

Being Caribou by Leanne Allison & Diana Wilson – NFB.

Tests show Connecticut mountain lion hiked 1,800 miles from South Dakota – CT Environmental Headlines



Tests show Connecticut mountain lion hiked 1,800 miles from South Dakota – CT Environmental Headlines.

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