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Bob Dylan – Murder Most Foul (Official Audio) – YouTube

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Very pleased to announce that Anne Boyer’s Money City Sick as Fuck is available for pre-order. Selected from a sequence of 100 poems written on a long day in the summer of 2013, Money City imagines writing a poem “in a confederacy of exception […] called ‘wages for tenderness and nothing else'”. Situated between Pompeii and Olympus, at “Texaco in ruins” or the amusement park, in a bar called Lethe, at the saddest prom in history, taking “every odd route”, these poems passionately survey and survive the streets and jails of the modern-day polis,”sunbathing in Atlantis”, oracles IRL.

The peak consequence —

this port

of pleasure —

we will

or will not

realize —



Available for pre-order here > Source: MATERIALS

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