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A Trailblazing Lesbian Artist Gets Her Due 

Harmony Hammond, “Kong” (1981), cloth, wood, foam rubber, acrylic, gesso, glitter, Dorland’s Wax Medium, charcoal powder, 41 x 74 x 26 inches, Everson Museum of Art, gift of Judith Daner

Made of foam rubber, gesso, glitter, wax and charcoal powder, these wrapped wooden armatures, which have a fantastical quality to them, were conjured up by a line in Monique Wittig’s 1973 novel Le Corps Lesbien (The Lesbian Body), in which she writes, “Cloth covered with latex suggests muscle and tissue.” These “wrapped sculptures” convey a muscular grace, as if Minimalism itself got a camp makeover par elegance.

Source: A Trailblazing Lesbian Artist Gets Her Due

Zeitgeist Spam: Nuestra America: Feral Theory

If, following Rubin, Frye, and Polish, to become women was to be domesticated, it would seem that undoing gender, to borrow Judith Butler’s phrase, would mean going feral. Monique Wittig long ago described lesbians as “escapees” from gender. Wittig’s renegade lesbian is no longer a woman; like the avian inmate who flees the farm, or the dog who joins the wolves, she has gone feral.

Zeitgeist Spam: Nuestra America: Feral Theory.

The Struggle to Write by Minnie Bruce Pratt

The Struggle to Write by Minnie Bruce Pratt.

Power Quote: Judith Butler / HTMLGIANT



Power Quote: Judith Butler | HTMLGIANT.

“Censor the body and you censor breath and speech at the same time. Write your self. Your body must be heard.” — Hélène Cixous