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A Longhouse Birdhouse: HE WHO LISTENS ~


P H A R O A H      S A N D E R S

The New Yorker Nathaniel Friedman

Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: HE WHO LISTENS ~

▶︎ charlie mehrhoff’s poetry fitted in   Long Drive by firstimers

from the album ANVILS OF LOVE

Source: ▶︎ Long Drive | firstimers

Knoxville: Summer, 1915, Agee & Barber –The American Scholar: Innocence and Loss

Susan Smith/Flickr

Samuel Barber’s Knoxville: Summer of 1915

Barber’s magnificent music is based on another magnificence — writer James Agee’s prose poem, Knoxville: Summer, 1915. A must read. – word pond


Source: The American Scholar: Innocence and Loss – Sudip Bose

The Lollipops e Raymond Depardon – vengodalmare

Visita l’articolo per saperne di più.

Source: The Lollipops e Raymond Depardon – vengodalmare

A Call to Life

Kathleen Dean Moore is a philosopher, nature writer, public speaker, and defender of all that is wet and wild. Rachelle McCabe is a concert pianist and professor of music at Oregon State University

Source: A Call to Life

A Call to Life: Variations on a Theme of Extinction: Kathleen Dean Moore and Rachelle McCabe – YouTube

Roscoe Mitchell & Moor Mother – Millennium Stage (March 28, 2019) – YouTube