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Painting — JORGE COSTA

Hypha – Spitzenkörper – 2017 – 2018

This work investigates a variety of experimental processes, visual forms, and critical ideas that examine the development of  the Anthropocene, Biomimetics, and the role of community in catalyzing innovative social and political change.

My drawing process explores several organizations of microbiotas, mycelium (Hypha – Spitzenkörper), and concepts such as the Wood Wide Web. The complexity and inter-connectivity of microfungal forms extending their threads to all life through a dense web of symbiotic relationships. In forests, its synergetic mycorrhiza transfers nutrients from plant to plant and creates a network of informational chemistry beneficial to the whole ecosystem. The potential of these natural forms is apparent in their horizontal design of co-operation and collective functionality; an intercellular matrix that could be extended to the human sphere.

Drawing connects me to unconscious processes that allow for the development of new ideas; a site for research, meditation, dissemination, and a lab for exploring the resonance of form. Layers of visual information materialize as traces of the process itself by generating random visual possibilities and increasing surface dynamics. The multilayered film is often unstable, and is left open to unpredictable possibilities. As a result, the subject is often erased by the buildup of material and the application of new mark making.

This process enables me to explore areas of perception outside my immediate experience, while conceptually expanding my connection to surrounding environmental issues. – Jorge Costa

Source: Painting — JORGE COSTA

Trees Communicate With One Another, Connected by Fungi Video : TreeHugger

Trees Communicate With One Another, Connected by Fungi Video : TreeHugger.