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Laura Nyro…’Roll of the Ocean’ from Live at the Bottom Lne – YouTube

Orion Magazine | At the Pond

At the Pond

One summer
I went every morning
to the edge of a pond where
a huddle of just-hatched geese

would paddle to me
and clamber
up the marshy slope
and over my body,

peeping and staring —
such sweetness every day
which the grown ones watched,
for whatever reason,

Not there, however, but here
is where the story begins.
Nature has many mysteries,

some of them severe.
Five of the young geese grew
heavy of chest and
bold of wing

while the sixth waited and waited
in its gauze-feathers, its body
that would not grow.
And then it was fall.

And this is what I think
everything is all about:
the way
I was glad

for those five and two
that flew away,
and the way I hold in my heart the wingless one
that had to stay.

Source: Orion Magazine | At the Pond

Denise Levertov Should Be More Famous ‹ Literary Hub

Denise Levertov Should Be More Famous ‹ Literary Hub.

“Inspired Chaos or Just Chaos” by Donna Fleischer | The Marsh Hawk Press Review (Fall 2014) Edited by Eileen R. Tabios

Inspired Chaos or Just Chaos


The bristlecone pine here nearly
5,000 years, even after drouth, with its symbiotic
neighbor sequoia, a protective coloring for each,
who would hesitate to call this affection?

Its parabola pineconedness a mashup into form, for a while
there’s periodicity, duration, dimensionality,
repeatability, language acquisition, and imposition
of meaning; arising concepts of property,
agency, recognition of authorship in order to
patrol these waters. How will seed open? How to know?


Feeling. Mysteries of infant babble and breast, stuporous
gaze as cell and cell and cell divide into overlap motility, hibernation,
dormancy, equinox, silence. Shadow minutes before dawn invokes
Aeolus, Greek god of winds breathe life into these forms, inspire
chaos, mutability, imagination. Re-visionings ~


– Donna Fleischer
The Marsh Hawk Press Review (Fall 2014)

Of Strangeness That Wakes Us On mother tongues, fatherlands, and Paul Celan. BY ILYA KAMINSKY / Poetry Foundation

402px-Celan_passphoto_1938Paul Celan  1938 passport photo (Wikimedia Commons)

Of Strangeness That Wakes Us

stinging nettles, by William Sorlien / Haiku Bandit Society

stinging nettles,
young maples like weeds –
the mystery behind
your manicured lawns

William Sorlien
Haiku Bandit Society

What Is and Isn’t: A Butterfly Wearing Tennis Shoes, by Robert D. Wilson / Simply Haiku

. . . two hokku penned by the late exiled Catalan poet, Agusti Bartra, from his deathbed:

The light is teaching
     the air that travels
        how roses are born.

As if distracted,
   on my way, I touch the tree.
       Now it answers me.

Agusti Bartra
Last Poems (1977-1982)
Tr. by D. Sam Abrams

What Is and Isn’t: A Butterfly Wearing Tennis Shoes.

Zeitgeist Spam: In the House of the Hangman 1276

In the House of the Hangman 1276

Ann Pragg is a strange but memorable name. Where’d it come from? Ann Pragg is an abbreviation of a term. But I feel like Ann Pragg is a lot of different things. I like to think of it as this humanoid creature that skulks around on the outskirts of town and forages for trash to kind of sustain itself. It might have supernatural powers, I don’t know. It probably doesn’t have opposable thumbs … Mystery is powerful … would it be fair to say that your’e like one of those Russian dolls where each compartment you open just reveals more layers until you get to a final one deep inside? No, man, I’m more like a Shawn Kemp on the old Sonics’ poster on your bedroom door, fucking slam-dunking over Scottie Pippen. We are an incredulity of atheists, living in Berlin and furiously dedicating our days to not believing in god. Ok, that’s not true; we barely ever think about god, let alone about being atheists. But, when one of us had the peculiar idea to make a handmade ‘atheist shoe’, we thought … And when the idea went gangbusters on reddit … We don’t believe in any god. We don’t believe in any shoe. You don’t have to be an atheist to wear Atheist. Our logo is a black hole. Our birthday is today:

Zeitgeist Spam: In the House of the Hangman 1276.

Quince, Cabbage, Melon and Cucumber by Juan Sánchez Cotán

Juan Sánchez Cotán- Quince, Cabbage, and Cucumber

Philosopher Judith Butler on Doubting Love / Brain Pickings

Philosopher Judith Butler on Doubting Love | Brain Pickings.