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“Crown” a poem by Dodie Bellamy ‹ Literary Hub

Featured image is a still grab from Crown (1999) by Nam June Paik.

Source: Crown ‹ Literary Hub

Nam June Paik: the avant-garde artist credited with inventing video art in the 1960s

The Korean-born avant-garde artist, Nam June Paik, introduced the world to video art in the 1960’s and collaborated with the Fluxus art movement with folks like John Cage and Charlotte Moorman. He invented video art by combining multiple TV screens with sculpture, music and live performers. He also coined the term “Electronic Super Highway” years before the information superhighway was invented.  ~ Toshi Hoo and Mercury News

Nam June Paik: Watch with Buddha — the guardian

Emory University Lecture — Intro to Video Art (2008)




Nam June Paik / Museum Kunst Palast, Duesseldorf

The installation ‘Small Buddha (1990)’ by Korean-born U. S.  artist Nam June Paik is on display at the Museum Kunst Palast in Duesseldorf, western Germany, on September 9, 2010. From September 11 to November 21, 2010, the museum presents the ‘Nam June Paik’ exhibition in collaboration with the Tate Liverpool museum. The show is part of the 2010 Quadriennale Art Festival. (Photo by Horst Ossinger/AFP/ Getty Images)

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