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Khaled Mattawa on Mahmood Darwish | Nomadics


Mahmoud Darwish(APA images

)Khaled Mattawa on Mahmood Darwish.

Reading Features Pierre Joris, Internationally Acclaimed Poet & Translator / University of New Haven

dsc_0292-1024x680Pierre Joris

Reading Features Pierre Joris, Internationally Acclaimed Poet & Translator / University of New Haven

Crossing Sky Vault Worlds by Allison Adelle Hedgecoke / poethead

Crossing Sky Vault Worlds

for Vaughan

” Corn, Sunflower raise their faces toward Sun as she slides into
place among blue heavens.
Squash send floral swirls orange-red up into ground fog mist.

An ant angles his way watching constantly for morsels along the
Violet morning glories stream upward reaching with their petals
wide open for bursting light.

Rays split seams of blue casting hopeful yellow-white strokes
beaming brightly. Seasons later,
Red Sioux Quartzite speckled white by snow and fully ice-crusted,
holds firm hallowed Sioux Falls grounds nearby.

Glass flows, creating prisms in century-aged windows across this
room. Rainbows flourish here. Long ago,
Black Dog spoke to his master, foretold the coming world flood in
time for a raft to be built sparing Real People.

Children in Quebec, before encroachment, pleaded for maple
sweets each fall. Were pumpkin lanterns lighted?
In my Huron grandmother’s midwifing beaded bag, the entire
universe gleams at me through pointed stars in dreams.”

© Allison Adelle Hedgecoke
from poethead

Syrian Poet Aïcha Arnaout Interview (in English, translated from the French) / Words Without Borders

A Scream Has No Alphabet: An Interview with Aïcha Arnaout

Thanks to Pierre Jouris at Nomadics

Dead-Enders on the Potomac / Nomadics

The Middle East Report / Dead-Enders on the Potomac / Nomadics

Hédi Jaouad on Events in Tunisia / Nomadics



Hédi Jaouad on Events in Tunisia.

Robert Kelly reads at Bard Hall / Nomadics

Robert Kelly

Gary Snyder Reads at Poets House, NY / Nomadics

Gary Snyder Reads _ Nomadics

Mahmoud Darwish / Journal of an Ordinary Grief


Mahmoud Darwish photo by Amarjit Chandan