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All or Nothing at All – YouTube

Nōin (988 – c. 1050) – to a mountain village | First Known When Lost

To a mountain village
at nightfall on a spring day
I came and saw this:
blossoms scattering on echoes
from the vespers bell.

Nōin (988 – c. 1050) (translated by Steven Carter), in Steven Carter, Traditional Japanese Poetry: An Anthology (Stanford University Press 1991), page 134.

Source: First Known When Lost

Roland Barthes: Things not words? | Times Literary Supplement

Roland Barthes
© Louis Monier/Rue des Archives/Writer Pictures

Towards the end of Mythologies (1957), Roland Barthes’s study of contemporary myths, he claimed: “I have tried to define things, not words” – surprising perhaps, given the philosopher’s popular association with language, communication and meaning. It is not that words are not also things; but the comment suggests an important corrective to the understanding of his work. Barthes was not (simply) an aesthete interested in forms, but a theorist who tried to understand how these forms constructed our imagination.…

Source: Footnotes to Plato | Roland Barthes: Things not words?

Nada Gordon – zinc reading 10. 26.14 – YouTube

April New Poems by Scott Watson | Scrib’d.


To realize death

through a poem

get rid of words

get rid of meaning.

Life is all there is.

Poetry asks nothing, needs

nothing. it’s all here as we are

at depths too quiet to believe.

If we listen closely

life will strip naked

Garden of Eden.

– Scott Watson

The Snow Man by Wallace Stevens | aus unruhigen Träumen

Caspar David Friedrich, Winterlandschaft Mit Kirche [Winter Landscape with Church], 1811 (National Gallery, London).

aus unruhigen Träumen.

Nothing is Not Something by Greg Wallace


Nothing is Not Something by Greg Wallace