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During the Occupy Movement in New York City when The People literally took over Zuccotti Park, poet Filip Marinovich was right there in the mix, helping to set up and run the People’s Library and reading his poems over the People’s Mic, “the people’s mic is intoxicating / that’s why I am its pauper king” (“Zuccotti Park Fugue State”). The poems gathered in Wolfman Librarian stem directly from Marinovich’s experience with Occupy.

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ARMED CELL: Post-Crisis Poetics preview – Brian Ang

ARMED CELL: Post-Crisis Poetics preview.

Dear Editors of Hartford News : Bank of America Is Bad for Hartford :: An Open Letter from JoAnne Bauer


Dear Editors of Hartford News,


My thanks to Andy Hart for coming out to the protest last Monday evening in front of Hartford City Hall, prior to the City Council meeting. I, with others, stood in the snow against Bank of America for obvious reasons. Bank of America is Bad for America, as the Occupy movement demonstrated last year. Bank of America is particularly Bad for Hartford, despite the City Treasurer’s insistence that the Council approve a renewed contract for banking transactions and despite B of A’s offer of a loyalty pledge to the tune of $165,000 to sweeten the deal of a contract.


What is the problem with Bank of America?  For starters,  it seems excessive predatory fees requiring residents to pay $6 to cash a check drawn on a City account and refusing to keep open ATMs in North Hartford to assist city residents. But that’s merely the tip of the iceberg.


In 2011, CT Action Alliance for a Fair Economy documented a myriad of practices that exploit CT and especially Hartford and other cities through Bank of America’s Profiting Without Pitching In:  Predatory lending, non-payment of corporate taxes, steep decline in small business lending, worming out of paying recordation fees; fraudulent loan servicing, mortgage & foreclosure abuses especially targeted to Black, Latino and military borrowers and other irresponsible behavior contributing to a deep decline in home values in CT.


Haven’t we learned that Too big to fail unfortunately means Too big to jail? Does it make sense that the big banks, and Bank of America chief among them, seemingly have perpetrated egregious practices but will get away with merely handing over money?  Fines and legal settlements currently on B of A’s plate appear to include: an $8.5 Billion settlement with private investors; an $11.6 Billion settlement with Fannie Mae over foreclosures, another $1.3 Billion to Fannie Mae to settle mortgage claims and $2.4 Billion to end shareholder claims that B of A misled its own investors.


Fortunately, the Hartford City Council members are taking a very thoughtful look at the ethical and financial implications of a continued contract, and I applaud them for their diligence. Cities like Hartford bear the brunt of sleight of hand banking practices that look like lower transaction fees and loyalty pledge benefits on one hand, while on the other hand, incalculable sums are lost to our cities through fraudulent and shoddy and unethical business as usual.  It is time for a real change: other models exist; other cities have turned to Partnership Banks where everyone can profit by working collaboratively.  I strongly urge the Hartford City Council, along with the Treasurer and Mayor, to move forward with an enlightened banking vision for what will truly and lastingly benefit our city.


JoAnne Bauer

Hartford resident

Idle No Enbridge No More / Occupy & Decolonize Vancouver

Idle No Enbridge No More | Occupy & Decolonize Vancouver.

onomatopoeia we are amoebic {an accumulation} 1.1.2013 / The Trouble with Bartleby


we are amoebic
{an accumulation}
I gave birth as the only wholeness
was the totality of change
no matter what you should have your
hand cupped, ready for overflowing
there are more ways to be born
than there are ways to die
you can never be free
til you can be swallowed whole *
I dance the dance of doomed poets
You are now able to break the heart of language.
I am my own freakshow
drag my bones out to coney island
and make an example out of me *
making ourselves relevant to conifers *
my repugnant heart will make me conspicuous
on the train
flotsam from the world we were
and dirty
each day we spent living
mitochondria burned *
in this sea of free viscera I am grateful again to be removed, destroyed,
to disappear until I can only be everybody. every pair of ears is an embrace,
a love that doesn’t need to come towards me, a love that loves me more
by attending, with me, the many voices
I gloss what you gloss, a series of
camouflaged surrenders, the rest
is instrumental
the swans change a lot before they
discover gods they serve
fragmented exile is still exile
faith needs relish and a whisk
keeps us dishwasher safe *
new old forest infrastructure *
mnemetic melée
we are walking alone under the whirling stars *
 poets expect nothing and they usually get it
in spades
I’ve entrusted my fear to no one
summer suits us, dark as we are
and so prone to revelry
I have loved much less of the body that I have touched *
the saxophone is said to be the instrument
closest to the human voice – he takes
the tenor and gives us a poem, a poem, a poem, 
a poem; and all it takes is the wonderment 
of a small human, not yet as tall as its bell
to know that it speaks entire dictionaries
obsolete oppression
occupy with faith
what you faithfully denied
occupy the human
occupy fragility *
the message of the wind
the unceasing, timeless hymn *
poetry is your eros
a thousand pores filled with eyes like stars *
murder me a little
you who gathers me
like a radiant cherry
poetry will be your dress
when you give your mortal soul
back to its maker
it is impossible to pretend the self in possession of a certain skin when 
all these tongues and lungs, all these lips and mouths without reserve
taste you, spit and suck and breathe your secrets that not once 
have seen the page or felt the air on their necks

vicarious glamour fatigue *

crack in the wall *

wind of the god
blood sky

The Trouble with Bartleby.

The Global Occupation Of Patriarchy » Occupy Patriarchy

The Global Occupation Of Patriarchy » Occupy Patriarchy.

May Day 2012 / May Day NYC

May Day 2012 | May Day NYC.

The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy, by Naomi Wolf /

The shocking truth about the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |

Occupy ~ A Longhouse Birdhouse

A Longhouse Birdhouse.

Infiltration to Disrupt, Divide and Misdirect Is Widespread in Occupy – Truthdig