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liberty: the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views – the Shorter Oxford English Dictionary


Tern: Isola di Rifiuti : : out of many, one (Rukeyser, H. D., Mayer, OED, Snyder, Everson and so forth)

. . . and a head half-turned to watch

a reeling tern, a sleeve,

a garment’s fold, no word, no whisper,


nor glance even . . . or was it a gull

she watched, a heron or raven

or plover? the eclipsed pillar


with the shadow showing darker,

for the white gleam above,

of sun-lit marble,


a certain sheen of cloth,

a certain ankle,

a strap over a shoulder?


remember these small reliques,

as on a beach, you search

for a pearl, a bead,


a comb, a cup, a bowl

half-filled with sand,

after a wreck.


~ H. D., out of  Helen in Egypt (1961)


Mark Catesby, “Noddy Tern,” c. 1729-47

Isola di Rifiuti: Tern.