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marlene mountain ii

being while female

–marlene mountain
oct 30 2013

marlene mountain

rusted my heart in the trowel

– marlene mountain
oct 2013

Alan Summers :: this small ache . . . a one-line haiku

this small ache and all the rain too robinsong

 Alan Summers
Modern Haiku, 44.1
winter/spring 2013

Thanks Donna, as I’m pleased that the hard work done to pare this actual experience down to a haiku paid off. The robinsong was during January and was in fact robin subsong, rarely heard unless you are a few inches away from the European Robin. – Alan Summers

Amazement of the ordinary – life through a haiku lens: Alan Summers at TED x Bradford on Avon

night paddling , a haiku by Jim Kacian

night paddling the land blacker than the sea

Jim Kacian
tinywords, 11:2
21 Oct 2011

first kiss by paul conneally

first kiss spring shoots under a scarecrow’s arms

paul conneally

May 2011


my sister skating here comes her yellow hat

frances angela

in the bare spindly tree    one bird’s song

Donna Fleischer

in the garden steel ears for dreams come whistling

Darrell Lindsey
roadrunner x : 2 2010

moment   by   moment         eternity

~ Donna Fleischer
(first publication)