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July 2017 – Otata

Otata will come again
one day
late fall in the mountains

— Santoka as translated by Burton Watson

Otata mo aru hi wa kite kureru yama no aki fukaku

As Watson notes, “Otata was a woman who went around selling fish in the area of Santoka’s cottage in Matsuyama.”


a sampling ~


Donna Fleischer 

on removing the headstone 

two deaths and
a bop on the head

friend, dear and new

i may be old but we be new


John Levy 

at minus miles
per hour Giorgio


Adrian Bouter 

purple wine
older than any memory
this town…


Lucia Cardillo 

noon sun —
my narrow shade
under my feet

Sole a picco
La mia ombra ristretta s
otto le scarpe 

green bud —
the silent pleasure
of waiting

Verde germoglio
Piacere silenzioso
dell ’attesa


Source: July 2017 – Otata

otata 14

Frances Angela 


infant school the scent of the woman no longer there


early dark

space on the field

for one more crow


otata 14

otata 13 (January 2017)

goes on into winter the smell of apples

fortsætter ind i vinteren lugten af æbler

those quick remarks to show you’re cool crow

de dér hurtige bemærkninger for at vise du er cool krage


– Johannes S. H. Bjerg

otata 13 (January 2017)