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sugar fini by Donna Fleischer / Otoliths issue 31, Nov 1, 2013

sugar fini
dream – mother – who-
dreams-who? Each in snow of
sorts, You stand at a cathedral railing
for defiant communion your
nose shape transmigrated to a
pert peter pan everland un-
like your sensual nostril

maybe you knew,
turning face me & a camera
zoom in from your eyes

humus brown with golden
speckles, inside out
sunflower warm drizzle to
see you again since so long

backbone stem vertebra
petal interstice with flotation
collar to lips i loved
you, and I who
didn’t know how


Donna Fleischer
Otoliths # 31 Nov 1, 2013

Donna Fleischer — “A Meditation on the Unexpected” / Otoliths #31, November 2013

Donna Fleischer

A Meditation on the Unexpected

It could be that joy,
and how you want it to be though
it needs an anvil on it not to
fly up too far and lose Air and there you are
left, on the ground. two feet drilled into
rock stratum, unable to feel your very own legs, arms,
and the rest.

except (accept) knotted throat, once more,
word particles, phoneme slivers, sticking
out and sticking into you amourously

indulge me there is no one to talk to.
continuously autumn crickets tinny buzz,

i evade
the word,
remove the glass plate
from the view camera
without taking the photograph, expose
the raw black word in the midst this
gargantuan stretch of blue

– Donna Fleischer
Otoliths, #31 nov 2013

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