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“Inspired Chaos or Just Chaos” by Donna Fleischer | The Marsh Hawk Press Review (Fall 2014) Edited by Eileen R. Tabios

Inspired Chaos or Just Chaos


The bristlecone pine here nearly
5,000 years, even after drouth, with its symbiotic
neighbor sequoia, a protective coloring for each,
who would hesitate to call this affection?

Its parabola pineconedness a mashup into form, for a while
there’s periodicity, duration, dimensionality,
repeatability, language acquisition, and imposition
of meaning; arising concepts of property,
agency, recognition of authorship in order to
patrol these waters. How will seed open? How to know?


Feeling. Mysteries of infant babble and breast, stuporous
gaze as cell and cell and cell divide into overlap motility, hibernation,
dormancy, equinox, silence. Shadow minutes before dawn invokes
Aeolus, Greek god of winds breathe life into these forms, inspire
chaos, mutability, imagination. Re-visionings ~


– Donna Fleischer
The Marsh Hawk Press Review (Fall 2014)

Interview with Lynne DeSilva-Johnson of The Operating System, part two| Book Culture Blog


L-R: Fr. Frank Sabatte, Michael Berube, and Keena Gonzales (all Openings Collective, NYC), Jacob Perkins and Matt Nelson (Mellow Pages), Center: Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Georgia Elrod (Painter, Heliopolis Project Space), Shana Maurizi (Filmmaker, WORK ONLY), Montana Ray (BLT Salon, Poets House Fellow), and the feet of Kevin William Reed (Drive By Press), and Seldon Yuan (SSCY, Center for Book Arts).

The Operating System Q & A pt 2 | Book Culture Blog.