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Adrienne Rich “The Desert as Garden of Paradise” – YouTube

A Love Note to the Quirky South


Roger Manley, “Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden, Summerville, Georgia” (1987–88) (© 2019 Roger Manley, photo courtesy Institute 193)

In this new, posthumously published book, he [Jonathan Williams] writes:

Walks to the Paradise Garden could have been called what Guy Mendes wanted for a title: Way Out People Way Out There. But, as a survivor from the Days of Highbrow Culture, I liked the deeper resonance of my choice. For one thing, many of the people in this book are directly involved with making paradise for themselves in the front yard, the back garden, the parlor, the sun porch, the basement. Making things for them has been a way to salvage a little dignity from often poor and difficult lives. Salvation can come, on one level, from being paid attention to and being recognized.

Decades in the making, the late poet Jonathan Williams’s photo-filled travelogue captures the creative spirit of a region.

Source: A Love Note to the Quirky South

Poems and Poetics: Inuhiko Yomota, from MY PURGATORY 

*     *      *

I’ll go out of the outside of time where there are no more seagulls, no
more sounds of waves.
When the aim of waiting is known, waiting should be half over,
but I depend only on the cracked keel and sail
and am not permitted to know what on earth I’m waiting for.

– Inuhiko Yomota
from A BOAT ¹ from “My Purgatory” (Red Moon Press, VA)
End Note ¹ Alludes to Dante, Paradiso, Canto II, which, in the Carlyle-Okey-Wicksteed translation, begins: “O ye who in your little skiff longing to hear, have followed on my keel that singeth on its way, / turn to revisit your own shores; commit you not to the open sea; for perchance, losing me, ye would be left astray.”

Hiroaki Sato, translation from the Japanese

Source: Poems and Poetics: Inuhiko Yomota: from MY PURGATORY

Stevie Wonder-Pastime Paradise

Pasttime Paradise, by Patti Smith

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Charlie Mehrhoff

elkfrost at Crafting the Word

Chimamanda Adichie: “The danger of the single story”

~ many thanks to the poet, Tyrone McDonald, for sharing this & teaching me ~ df

But the monks of the Middle Ages, and the clerics too, believed that the inner paradise was the ultimate ground of freedom in man’s heart. To find it one had to travel, as Augustine had said, not with steps, but with yearnings. …Paradise is simply the person, the self, but the radical self in its uninhibited freedom.

Thomas Merton
Love and Living
(New York: Harcourt, 1965) p8
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