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One Poem by Chia-Lun Chang

Against Nostalgia


water between somewhere cider
when volatile sky before sum rain
drops before faces astray raise
your head from a dictionary
raise your hat from one and another
degree put Iowa consciousness down
is age a mother it’s not funny yeah I
am so humid when we lie under
the tree ends up being a meeting five
minutes vague putrid roots there
is no construct nature she ain’t
transplanted seeding


please sometimes I break you
I have been spending my entire
life preparing for leaving grey
peace off making like with myself
wipe out lotus unaided stages


too many tiring people one
step away from disappearing
as soon as they open windows
drip pauses typewriting
mail mechanism out melt
sweat shirt I don’t see
shores pepper blind do you
hear my French war is a peach
of wall war raises waves re-
volution young adults hide
behind hinoki tables you don’t
come to an end I am com-
pliable to answer I think all
I want is being flawless
teary eyes, sparkling tumors so
I go, I lie, I tree and I were


Chia-Lun Chang

Source: One Poem by Chia-Lun Chang

The Believer Logger – Reading Bhanu Kapil — Reading Bhanu Kapil

The Believer Logger – Reading Bhanu Kapil — Reading Bhanu Kapil.