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Patti Smith Celebrates Inauguration with Song « American Songwriter


“2020 has been a Blakean year, said Patti Smith in a video released today to celebrate the people’s victory.

SUPPORT CIRCA AND SEE YOUR NAME ON THE LIGHTS: CIRCA presents a virtual Inauguration presentation by punk poet laureate, Patti Smith. Featuring a specially recorded performance of ‘People Have The Power’ set against a montage of footage paying homage to people and organisations, past and present, who have used their voice to help create a better future: Shirley Chisholm; Kamala Harris; Greta Thunberg; Naomi Wadler; The Soup Kitchen, Holborn; The Emergency Designer Network, and many more. This specially created 30-minute presentation features poetry, music, readings and an acoustic performance of ‘Because The Night’ by Thigh High (Tom Rasmussen and Hatty Carman) it is free to watch on the CIRCA YouTube channel at 20:21GMT on the 20 January 2021. “It’s a beautiful night, we have a new President and Vice President and our democracy seems to be quite intact and just wish everyone a better year. 2020 has been a Blakean year but I think the glad day is coming. This performance goes to everyone, it’s for everyone all over the world. Fred wrote it so that it might be embraced and it might inspire people globally, and it has. His wishes came true and may the wishes ring out in the New Year.”

Source: Patti Smith Celebrates Inauguration with Song « American Songwriter

Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith review – memories of the magic and the mundane | Books | The Guardian

‘Passive wanderings’ … Patti Smith. Photograph: Getty Images/Getty Images for Ray-Ban

From looming political crisis to a leaky flat – a troubled year in the life of a great American punk poet

Source: Year of the Monkey by Patti Smith review – memories of the magic and the mundane | Books | The Guardian

Rock Star Patti Smith, Making Paris Swoon – The New York Times

Patti Smith and Joan Baez ‘ ‘People Have The Power’ Stockholm Music and Arts 20160731 – YouTube

Soundwalk Collective with Patti Smith – Ivry (Official Video) – YouTube

Why Patti Smith Writes

Patti Smith (photo by Steven Sebring)

In her latest book, the iconic writer and musician examines belief, friendship, mentorship, and what drives her to make art.

Source: Why Patti Smith Writes

Her Private Papers – M Train by Patti Smith | The New York Review of Books

obrien_1-102215_jpg_600x649_q85Patti Smith, New York City, early 1970s; photograph by Judy Linn

M Train by Patti Smith |NYRB

Patti Smith – A Reading Of Virginia Woolf

Rimbaud’s Litter by Patti Smith | Wadsworth Atheneum


Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, installation by Patti Smith. Photo by Rena Silverman.

“Curated by the museum’s director Susan Talbott, Patti Smith: Camera Solo, which opened last week, features three rooms of Smith’s photographs. One of the rooms is entirely devoted to Arthur Rimbaud: a recreation of the stretcher he was carried on . . . .” – Rena Silverman, BOMB magazine, 1.7.11

Stricken with painful inflammation in his right knee for twenty days, the 19th-Century French poet Rimbaud hired workers to build a litter on which they carried him for 300 kilometers from Harer to Zeilah in eastern Ethiopia. The journey took twelve days across the desert. He was poor and sick and needed this gentle carrying. But the inflammation was already too far gone. By the time he arrived back in France his right leg had to be amputated and he died on November 10, 1891.

When I visited the Patti Smith: Camera Solo exhibition at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT, it was her installation, Arthur Rimbaud’s Litter, that moved me most. It was delicately, simply, and starkly constructed. Its scale, materials, and final placement in the room conveyed a truth, a beauty, a love, a poem finally, holding his presence in absence, holding vigil.  – Donna Fleischer

Rimbaud’s Letter to His Mother April 30, 1891

Patti Smith: Camera Solo by Rena Silverman

Arthur Rimbaud


[HD] “O’Holy Night” – Patti Smith