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The Sparrow’s Nest read by Paul Conneally | Burn The Water

British poet Paul Conneally (aka Little Onion) reads The Sparrow’s Nest by William Wordsworth in Burleigh Wood (The Bluebell Woods) on the outskirts of Loughborough in the heart of England. . . .

Source: The Sparrow’s Nest read by Paul Conneally | Burn The Water

Talk of Sleet | Burn The Water

Walking the edges after rain after rain. I meet the Happy Panda. A Chinese takeaway in Dronfield Woodhouse. I’ve passed it many times but never when open. One man is inside ordering his food by numbers. I like the way the bog standard orange signage is caught in reflection. I don’t go in. It’s hard to believe but my 85 year old mother has never had a Chinese takeaway meal but there’s still time.

talk of sleet
the smell of chicken chow mein
sits behind my eyes

Paul Conneally
Dronfield Woodhouse
12th December 2019

Source: Talk of Sleet | Burn The Water

Agapanthus | Burn The Water


white against a blue wall
the sadness of flies


Paul Conneally
August 2019

Source: Agapanthus | Burn The Water

How to Haiku: Beyond 5 7 5 – by Paul Conneally – YouTube

Giant Glove ft Little Onion – Yew Trees Rocket to Nowhere Mix –Paul YouTube

Strawberries and Cream | Burn The Water


We move into the spring bank holiday with sunshine. The smell of barbecue drifts garden to garden. I hang the washing out even though I know that my shirts will take on the smell of grilled chicken, beef burgers, smoke. A child is playing ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ on a violin. Pushing its weave into my back our rattan chair creaks.

the painted lady
on my arm flexes its wings
strawberries and cream

Paul Conneally

Source: Strawberries and Cream | Burn The Water

Stuck In The Gap by Paul Conneally | Burn The Water


stuck in the gap
between my front teeth
summer’s end

Little Onion
September 2017

Little Onion is haiku poet, artist and cultural forager Paul Conneally
For workshops and commissions contact Love & Barley

Source: Stuck In The Gap | Burn The Water

Barefoot Blindfold – Choreographed by Birdsong – YouTube

The blind man’s guide,
Meek and neglected thing, of no renown!
Soon will peep forth the primrose, ere it fades
Friends shall I have at dawn, blackbird and thrush
To rouse me, and a hundred warblers more!

from ‘The Recluse’ by William Wordsworth

Calling My Own Name | Burn The Water

Image: Surimono Print – Bullfinch and Blossom – Kubo Shunman (Japanese, 1757–1820)


calling my own name
to hear what it sounds like
a dew drenched bullfinch

Paul Conneally
Asahi Shimbun April 7 2017


Source: Calling My Own Name | Burn The Water

‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

‘UNIFIED’ Paul Conneally & Camilla Beresford 2017 ‘The images detached from every aspect of life merge into a common stream in which the unity of that life can no longer be re…

Source: ‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

Yes, the spectacle looking back at us . . . to paraphrase Roland Barthes. And, the sweep of western art and philosophy inherent to my mind in the plaque of antlers, pedestaled busts, hung friezes recalling Josef Beuys and his shamanism, Duchamp’s Mutt as well as the continuous processes of consumption and elimination. So rich, in terms of depth, our human art-making, as here, and yet how empty oftimes our response(s) can be when relationship is missing between. – Donna Fleischer