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The Last Instance – Uchromia | Alexander R. Galloway

Liz Deschenes, “Tilt / Swing #4B” (2009).

Source: The Last Instance | Alexander R. Galloway

“La Poésie te trouve”: A. Zanzotto e H. Sugimoto – vengodalmare

Source: “La Poésie te trouve”: A. Zanzotto e H. Sugimoto  – vengodalmare

VIK MUNIZ EPISTEMES Exhibition FEBRUARY 23 – APRIL 1, 2017 @ SikkemaJenkins&Company

Tears (2SS), Handmade, 2016
Mixed media
41 x 61 inches (104.1 x 154.9 cm), framed

” . . . What you expect to be a photo isn’t, and what you expect to be an object is a photographic image.” Extending this idea more broadly, Muniz adds, “In a time when everything’s reproducible, the difference between the artwork and its image is all but nonexistent.”

VIK MUNIZ EPISTEMES @ SikkemaJenkins&Company

“Paper Movies” contemporary photobooks exhibition | Joseloff Gallery of the Hartford Art School

if departing

Source: On View





It was daunting to walk into an oceanic gallery space streaming with over a hundred photography art books facing up, until I pulled up a stool and opened Black Threads from Meng Chiao (TIS Books, Brooklyn, NY, 2015), a collaboration by the photographer, Justine Kurland, and the poet, John Yau, then one other, Cuny Janssen: Yoshino  (snoeck, Cologne, GR), right up to being told the gallery was about to close for the evening. I am bound to return at least once before the exhibition closes on February 17, 2016. – Donna Fleischer



Black Threads from Meng Chiao

Size 5.75 in x 8 in
Softbound French Fold
Silk Screen Dust Jacket
54 pages
20 tritone plates

Black Threads from Meng Chiao



Cuny Janssen: Yoshino

The widest pages, or leaves*, of the staggered, multi-wide book, Yoshino, are those of full-color photographs bleeding off all four sides. These approximate 18 inches of an arm’s length from gutter to foredge, and so may be turned only slowly. Other narrower ones are almost see-through, frosted overlays of various widths with one-sided, dense, generously leaded, black texts of prose and haibun by Bashō (Travel Record of Weatherbeaten Skeleton), Saigyō, and others:

This simple abode

where I don’t even use

all of the clear, clean water

trickling down

between the rocks.

– Saigyō

All in all inspired this poem:

trees’ leaves flap

i turn slowly as if

departing, when

only just arrived

with so sudden a wind.

– Donna Fleischer

*The MAN’YŌSHŪ (万葉集),  or Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves



Ellen Carey: Polaroid 20 X 24 Self-Portraits | M+B Gallery


ELLEN CAREY Portrait, 1986 signed, dated, titled verso unique 20 x 24 Polaroid 33 x 26 in.

NOVEMBER 6, 2015 – JANUARY 16, 2016

William H. Gass & Michael Eastman: Abstractions Arrives

Jonas Mekas – Screen Shot from On Luigi Porto from Mekas Diaries, Notes and Sketches

screen shot_Luigi Porto_Jonas Mekas

Jonas Mekas at A Longhouse Birdhouse

It’s all great but the video from which this screen shot derived is very beautiful with music, film, and poetry. – DF