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A New Bookselling Platform Challenges Amazon’s Monopoly

“The small press is historically rooted in volunteer or nonprofit models,” said Matvei Yankelevich, founding editor at Ugly Duckling Presse (UDP). In the picture: UDP’s office in Brooklyn (courtesy Ugly Duckling Presse)

“Directing readers to buy their books from Amazon is harmful to the authors, and the publishers, whose work you are trying to support,” reads a letter encouraging independent media resources to use platforms like Bookshop.

Source: A New Bookselling Platform Challenges Amazon’s Monopoly

The iPhone X | Daring Fireball

The iPhone X is not the work of an overcautious company. It’s a risk to so fundamentally change the most profitable platform in the world. But Apple is gambling on the taste of the team who lived with the iPhone X during its development. Ossification is a risk with a platform as popular and successful as the iPhone — fear of making unpopular changes can lead a platform vendor to make no significant changes. Another risk, though, is hubris — making changes just for the sake of making changes that show off how clever the folks at Apple still are.

After two months using an iPhone X, I’m convinced Apple succeeded. The iPhone X is a triumph, a delightful conceptual modernization of a ten-year-old platform that, prior to using the iPhone X, I didn’t think needed a modernization. Almost nothing7 about the iPhone X calls undue attention to its cleverness. It all just seems like the new normal, and it’s a lot of fun. – Daring Fireball

Wikitribune – Evidence-based journalism

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia

Evidence-based journalism

Source: Wikitribune – Evidence-based journalism

Rhizomatic Audiocasting :: Liftoff ~ Exit Strata Is a Verb with Lynne Desilva-johnson & Company

This nearly hour-long video with Lynne Desilva-johnson & Company is broadcasting exponentially exciting, ideas including transparency, “life pack” bundles of technology and the arts vis-a-vis Robert Rauschenberg, integrity of independent, business-free social media, a re-visioning of  Mechanical Turk, safety and self-preservation in online communication, avant-garde collaboration . . . well, you get the picture.  ~ Donna Fleischer

Rhizomatic Intentcasting and Cocreative Support :: Live Broadcast with links, notes, minutes and intentions for modelling ~ your own online newspaper