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First Known When Lost: How To Live, Part Twenty-Nine: Some Things Never Change

Last thing at night
he steps outside to breathe
the smell of winter.
The stars, so shy in summer,
glare down
from a huge emptiness.
In a huge silence he listens
for small sounds.  His eyes
are filled with friendliness.
What’s history to him?
He’s an emblem of it
in its pure state.
And proves it.  He goes inside.
The door closes and the light
dies in the window.
Norman MacCaig, in Ewen McCaig (editor), The Poems of Norman MacCaig (Polygon 2005).


Thoughts on T’ien-chin Bridge
The countless great lords and statesmen of past regimes —
later ages know them merely as a list of names.
Only the water under T’ien-chin Bridge
goes on year after year,  making the same sound.
Shao Yung (1011-1077) (translated by Burton Watson), in Burton Watson, The Columbia Book of Chinese Poetry: From Early Times to the Thirteenth Century (Columbia University Press 1984), page 336.

Source: First Known When Lost: How To Live, Part Twenty-Nine: Some Things Never Change

Harrison Birtwistle e Paul Celan – vengodalmare

Source: Harrison Birtwistle e Paul Celan – vengodalmare

Eileen’s Tiny Books: COVID-19 POEMS by DONNA FLEISCHER



Meritage Press’ Minitage Editions is pleased to release an approximate 2-inch by 2- inch book:

By Donna Fleischer

Source: Eileen’s Tiny Books: COVID-19 POEMS by DONNA FLEISCHER

Two Poems by Amy King @ Tusculum Review – AMY KING


Pleased to post 2 of 3 poems published in the recent issue of Tusculum Review. Thanks to Heather Elouej for the invite. ✨ Enjoy! ✨

Source: Two Poems by Amy King @ Tusculum Review – AMY KING

Tour 2019 on Vimeo

The Boiler House Poets Live On!

A Longhouse Birdhouse: HANNE BRAMNESS ~

Paul Klee pictures

Source: A Longhouse Birdhouse: HANNE BRAMNESS ~

Donna Fleischer ∞ two poems in Solitary Plover issue 27 Winter 2018


my furious heart


the crow
first to rise, its
silent aubade

o dark,
dark nature

of light


Donna Fleischer

Solitary Plover Issue 27 Winter 2018

Karl Jenkins- In These Stones Horizons Sing – Agorawd Part 1: Can yr Alltud – YouTube

seedings issue 1 duration press

the body is a sacred place
because it bursts with life and lasts



in between clouds and
the moon ideas
drift . . .



the loved one won’t go to the Night
Palace where women and wine
are waiting


from Etel Adnan – At Two in the Afternoon (tr. Sarah Riggs)

seedings issue 1 duration press

Three Poems by Vittoria repetto – EOAGH

a poem of thanks

in my 20’s,
coming home
3am from the dyke bar
i climb the stairs up from dekalb station.
a monarch butterfly flutters on the stair lights;
lost from its course.
thinking someone might hurt it,
i wait ‘til it closes
its wings together,
softly grab the paired wings
wait for it to relax its legs;
once taught to me
when i was a kid
by the old italian guy
who grew morning glories
next to the bocce court on leroy.
i cup the monarch in my hands like a prayer.
out on the street,
3 young guys
coming from where i need to go
hey dyke!
where you going, dyke!
i figure i’m in trouble
then i remember
i still have the butterfly
and need it let it go.
i turn,
face my future beaters,
lift buddhist prayer hands to my face,
open and push the butterfly away.
it flies towards their faces.
the 3 guys duck,
confused and startled.
as the monarch goes safely to its course,
i too
go safely home.



poems by Vittoria reperto at EOAGH