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Tracy K. Smith, America’s Poet Laureate, Is a Woman With a Mission – The New York Times

“You want a poem to unsettle something,” Smith told me. She lowered her voice almost to a whisper. “There’s a deep and interesting kind of troubling that poems do, which is to say: ‘This is what you think you’re certain of, and I’m going to show you how that’s not enough. There’s something more that might be even more rewarding if you’re willing to let go of what you already know.’ ”


Poet Laureate Wants To Bring Poetry To More People – Courant Community

Julie Choffel is West Hartford’s new poet laureate. Choffel, a creative writing professor at the University of Connecticut, wants to bring poetry to more people through public workshops. (Michael Walsh / Courant Community)

Source: Poet Laureate Wants To Bring Poetry To More People – Courant Community

Frank Sherlock is Philadelphia’s second poet laureate

Frank Sherlock , whose appointment is to be announced by Mayor Nutter on Friday, succeeds Sonia Sanchez. “I think Frank Sherlock will make things happen,” said the head of the poet laureate governing committee.

Frank Sherlock is Phila.’s second poet laureate.

Philip Levine, Voice of the Workingman [Working Class] to Be Poet Laureate / The New York Times

Philip Levine to Be Poet Laureate