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Gogou, Katerina: Athens’ anarchist poetess, 1940-1993



“Don’t you stop me. I am dreaming.
We lived centuries of injustice bent over.
Centuries of loneliness.
Now don’t. Don’t you stop me.
Now and here, for ever and everywhere.
I am dreaming freedom.
Though everyone’s
All-beautiful uniqueness
To reinstitute
The harmony of the universe.
Lets play. Knowledge is joy.
Its not school conscription.
I dream because I love.
Great dreams in the sky.
Workers with their own factories
Contributing to world chocolate making.
I dream because I KNOW and I CAN.
Banks give birth to “robbers”.
Prisons to “terrorists”.
Loneliness to “misfits”.
Products to “need”
Borders to armies.
All caused by property.
Violence gives birth to violence.
Don’t now. Don’t you stop me.
The time has come to reinstitute
the morally just as the ultimate praxis.
To make life into a poem.
And life into praxis.
It is a dream that I can I can I can
I love you
And you do not stop me nor am I dreaming. I live.
I reach my hands
To love to solidarity
To Freedom.
As many times as it takes all over again.
I defend ANARCHY.


A biography of Katerina Gogou the anarchist poetess of Exarcheia.

Source: Gogou, Katerina: Athens’ anarchist poetess, 1940-1993

Theodore Roethke …A cold paralyzing horror: | Mythology of Blue

. . . A cold paralyzing horror: a glimpse into the subhuman…the sickness of life beginning again: the exhausting awareness of every ache. What the hand does in reaching, a misery of awareness; loss of memory in small things; hatred of necessary routines; hatred but not fear of dark; watching the skin, the fingers; overeating; a full preoccupation with unnecessary tasks; weakness in the morning; fear of headlights; distrust of children; a tide of loss.

Mythology of Blue : …A cold paralyzing horror: a glimpse into the….

An Interview with Fred Moten, Pt. II ‹ Literary Hub

An Interview with Fred Moten, Pt. II ‹ Literary Hub.

Poet creates first class for transgender poetry

Trace Peterson, poet, author, and editor

Poet creates first class for transgender poetry.

Getting Plants to Write Poems : Amanda Ackerman : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation

Gerbera Daisy creating a poem. Photo by Dan Richert.

Getting Plants to Write Poems : Amanda Ackerman : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation.

Clelia Ifrim | two haiku from “House on the Ocean Shore”

Silence of blue night –

pebbles from the river change

the water’s shadow

Deeper and deeper

a falling time around it –

quince left on a branch

– © Clelia Ifrim
House on the ocean shore
© Editura Limes, 2014

House on the ocean shore is a bilingual anthology of haiku and tanka, translated into English from the original Romanian by the poet.


Clelia Ifrim


Announcing Janet Passehl’s “Clutching Lambs” | Negative Capability Press


Ann Lauterbach notes, “the mood of Janet Passehl’s marvelous collection is wintry, a chiaroscuro of sudden bright flashes and shadowy figures: a child, an architect, two gray animals. We’re in a lapidary dreamscape where interior and exterior worlds collide as an exhalation:  ‘that cannot be breached/by sermon/how the prow of a ship breaks ice/is how language moves.’”

Clutching Lambs by Janet Passehl