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A Chinese Poet’s Unusual Path From Isolated Farm Life to Celebrity – The New York Times


LOUISE LANDES LEVI | A Longhouse Birdhouse

O Ancestors,
Be in my embrace,
don’t know
who’s us & who’s here &
who are you, awake in my dream
I dream whose Vaster Continent,
in my bed, in my bed

Irina Ratushinskaya, Soviet Dissident and Writer, Dies at 63 (4 March 1954, Odessa – 5 July 2017, Moscow)


Poems Ms. Ratushinskaya wrote on cigarette papers in prison.
Credit Marianne Barcellona/The LIFE Images Collection, via Getty Images

And I will tell of the first beauty I saw in captivity.
A frost-covered window! No spy-holes, nor walls,
Nor cell-bars, nor the long endured pain —
Only a blue radiance on a tiny pane of glass.Irina Ratushinskayafrom one of the soap poemsIrina Ratushinskaya

John Ashbery, Celebrated and Challenging Poet, Dies at 90 – The New York Times


John Ashbery, Paris, 1959. Photo by Walter Silver.


In the poem “In a Wonderful Place,” published in the 2009 collection “Planisphere,” he offered a brief, bittersweet look back.


I spent years exhausting my good works

on the public, all for seconds

Time to shut down colored alphabets

flutter in the fresh breeze of autumn. It

draws like a rout. Or a treat.


John Ashbery– The New York Times

Poems and Poetics: Heriberto Yépez: Re-Reading María Sabina


Source: Poems and Poetics: Heriberto Yépez: Re-Reading María Sabina

The Secret Lives of Grace Paley’s Women | New Republic

Ken Faught/Toronto Star/Getty

There are many generous writers, and many who cared more for living and writing and their families than they cared for fame. But of all these Grace Paley is one of the very best, which A Grace Paley Reader knows. – Josephine Livingstone

Source: The Secret Lives of Grace Paley’s Women | New Republic

for poet Tom Nicotera

Life Advice From Adrienne Rich | Literary Hub

Today marks five years since the death of Adrienne Rich, the incredible poet, essayist and feminist activist. I’ve been thinking about Rich a lot lately; so much of what she has written feels…

Source: Life Advice From Adrienne Rich | Literary Hub