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▶︎ charlie mehrhoff’s poetry fitted in   Long Drive by firstimers

from the album ANVILS OF LOVE

Source: ▶︎ Long Drive | firstimers

Ariana Reines Interview: The Impulse of Poetry – YouTube

SUNRISE – Fuck the plums in the icebox . Actual life…

Exit Strategy by Kazim Ali – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Exit Strategy

Kazim Ali

I hear the sound of the sprinkler outside, not the soft kind we used to run through
but the hard kind that whips in one direction then cranks back and starts again.

Last night we planned to find the white argument of the Milky Way 
but we are twenty years too late. Last night I cut the last stargazer 
lily to wear in my hair. 

This morning, the hardest geography quiz I’ve ever taken: how does one carry
oneself from mountain to lake to desert without leaving anything behind?

Perhaps I ought to have worked harder. 
Perhaps I could have paid more attention.
A mountain I didn’t climb. Music I yearned for but could not achieve.

I travel without maps, free-style my scripture, pretend the sky is an adequate
representation of my spiritual beliefs. 

The sprinkler switches off. The grass will be wet. 
I haven’t even gotten to page 2 of my life and I’m probably more than halfway through,
who knows what kind of creature I will become.

Kazim Ali

Source: Exit Strategy by Kazim Ali – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Here’s to you, Mrs. Dalloway! | 3 Quarks Daily

Noah Knopf in Harvard Political Review: It took me three tries to understand even a little of Mrs. Dalloway, Virginia Woolf’s famous 1925 modernist novel set on a single day in London. . . .

Source: Here’s to you, Mrs. Dalloway! | 3 Quarks Daily

otata 44 (August, 2019)

Joseph Salvatore Aversano


all wordbursts aerosoled

in the way the
linens billow

out from
the lines

 Giuliana Ravaglia

fammi sognare una bionda farfalla:
sarò l’estate

let me dream of a blonde butterfly:
I will be summer


Stefano d’Andrea

luna improvvisa
scintillante moneta
nel cupo viola

sudden moon
a shimmering coin
in the deep purple

Roberta Beach Jacobson

winter squeak
of swing set
gone in spring

“Amnion” by Sabine Miller – is/let

by Sabine Miller

“Amnion,” mixed flower pulp and water on 9″ x 12″ watercolor paper, 2018.

from Poetry as Consciousness: Haiku Forests, Space of Mind, and an Ethics of Freedom by Richard Gilbert (Keibunsha Press, 2018). Order in English.

Source: “Amnion” by Sabine Miller – is/let