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CT Poets’ Corner: Jim Finnegan’s poems explore our transitory existence – Hartford Courant

Giotto’s Circle

by Jim Finnegan


As Vasari’s story goes, Giotto’s signature

was a single perfect circle. Drawn in red, freehand

and quickly, almost casually to send a message to a Pope.

A circle that rippled over the seas…around the earth,

and widens still.

Confidence in one’s talent and facility

is a funny thing. It can come and go. By now

you must know that art is that circle. One that both

widens and tightens. It lets us in, but then as easily

it holds us out.

Sometimes we are inside the bait ball of small fish

that larger predatory fish keep reforming

and perfecting with their teeth. Sometimes the wobble

of a far planet means a dead star disturbs its orbit,

slowly reels it in.

It took a long time to realize your gift would never

be Giotto’s. That whatever circle you might draw

would be more like a tire that needed air. One hears

it throb and moan over miles of pavement, but

O, it rolls on.


Like Hartford’s renowned poet Wallace Stevens, poet Jim Finnegan of West Hartford works in insurance.In his poetry, Finnegan looks at our transitory existence and explores the mystery and anonymity of the self.

Source: CT Poets’ Corner: Jim Finnegan’s poems explore our transitory existence – Hartford Courant


Nada Gordon – Zinc Bar Jan 13 2019

“Winter-Lull” by D. H. Lawrence


by D. H. Lawrence

Because of the silent snow, we are all hushed
Into awe.
No sound of guns, nor overhead no rushed
Vibration to draw
Our attention out of the void wherein we are crushed.


A crow floats past on level wings
Uninterrupted silence swings
Invisibly, inaudibly
To and fro in our misgivings.


We do not look at each other, we hide
Our daunted eyes.
White earth, and ruins, ourselves, and nothing beside.
It all belies
Our existence; we wait, and are still denied.


We are folded together, men and the snowy ground
Into nullity.
There is silence, only the silence, never a sound
Nor a verity
To assist us; disastrously silence-bound!

Letter of Recommendation: Old English – The New York Times

 A Poet Invents Her Voice – Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s Third-Millennium Heart |Hyperallergic

Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s Third-Millennium Heart is a beautiful monster of a book coming at you straight, with no padding of preface or foreword to warn you what you might be in for.

Source: A Poet Invents Her Voice

Bernstein: West Side Story – Somewhere / Bernstein · Horne – YouTube

West Side Story, Bernstein’s love letter to the world, is a story as old as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, set in New York City’s West Side in the late 1950s. A story as old as the world about true love between two people, a love scorned by society, but one which  brings light to this dark world. The life force includes sexuality for the survival of the species, but love is free to choose.

If I were a film producer, I would create a new West Side Story, one with two women as Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers, befitting the current time in our world as it recoils from, even as it embraces, the strength and the truth of love between two women. There is a place for two such as these, somewhere. There is a time for us to gather, time to spare, share.

We’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a way of forgiving, somewhere. Hold my hand and we’re halfway there, hold my hand and I’ll take you there, somehow, some day, somewhere.

Thank you, Maestro Leonard Bernstein.  – Donna Fleischer for word pond

David Murray feat. Saul Williams ‘Blues for Memo’ (USA) @ Porgy & Bess, Vienna Sa 10. Februar 2018 – YouTube