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A Call to Life

Kathleen Dean Moore is a philosopher, nature writer, public speaker, and defender of all that is wet and wild. Rachelle McCabe is a concert pianist and professor of music at Oregon State University

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Writers Uncensored: Gary Snyder: If Trees Could Talk – YouTube

Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » Gary Snyder – Poet of Deep Ecology at 89


Gary Snyder (Photo by Allen Ginsberg )


Happy birthday Gary Snyder (May 8 1930)


“Range after range of mountains.
Year after year after year.
I am still in love.”

― Gary Snyder, Riprap and Cold Mountain Poems


Source: Vitro Nasu » Blog Archive » Gary Snyder – Poet of Deep Ecology at 89

The Future’s Not Ours to Keep by Larissa Pham | Poetry Foundation


A man celebrates erstwhile conquests,
his book locked in a silo, still in print.
I scribble, make Sharpie lines, deface
its text like it defaces me. Outside, grain
fields whisper. Marble lions are silent
yet silver-tongued, with excellent teeth.
In this life I have worshipped so many lies.
Then I workshop them, make them better.
An East India Company, an opium trade,
a war, a treaty, a concession, an occupation,
a man parting the veil covering a woman’s
face, his nails prying her lips open. I love
the fragility of a porcelain bowl. How easy
it is, to shatter chinoiserie, like the Han
dynasty urn Ai Weiwei dropped in 1995.
If only recovering the silenced history
is as simple as smashing its container: book,
bowl, celadon spoon. Such objects cross
borders the way our bodies never could.
Instead, we’re left with history, its blonde
dust. That bowl is unbreakable. All its ghosts
still shudder through us like small breaths.
The tome of hegemony lives on, circulates
in our libraries, in our bloodstreams. One day,
a girl like me may come across it on a shelf,
pick it up, read about all the ways her body
is a thing. And I won’t be there to protect
her, to cross the text out and say: go ahead—
rewrite this.
Sally Wen Mao, “Occidentalism” from Oculus. Copyright © 2019 by Sally Wen Mao.  Reprinted by permission of Graywolf Press,


In Sally Wen Mao’s Oculus, voices lost to empire finally have their say.

Source: The Future’s Not Ours to Keep by Larissa Pham | Poetry Foundation

We Need to Talk About Europe – Los Angeles Review of Books


“[I]f the new social revolution,” Horvat responds, “has to draw its poetry from the future, the content of the future revolution can be made only out of the poetry which is at the same time poiesis and praxis.” A dialectical practice, in other words, which is doubly inventive, both productive and transformative of the present.

Source: We Need to Talk About Europe – Los Angeles Review of Books

Marilyn Nelson Honored With 2019 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize by Harriet Staff | Poetry Foundation

Courtesy of Blue Flower Arts.

Source: Marilyn Nelson Honored With 2019 Ruth Lilly Poetry Prize by Harriet Staff | Poetry Foundation

Peepsfest – In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza

[revolutions on queen street] [stryd manig nines]

we’re amess of eyeliner / chic dole lips

/ for real ,& spray paint at seventeen:

adore your failure

in our future bores sunshine, gonna

burn the claustro- innocence

you will hear

this is a message from occupied england , such deep & sucked corporate slums

:: forecast / soothe, our derelict

strychnine flag scum barc
, poems on credit / injection –lays

heritage a corpse: drill lessons so/ beautiful in sani-

“, condemned / masochist

–– with you i skin sinners


believe. // first world boredom, instantly drain coke/exxon[:] let the spill gorge -ous – donald’s famine / more real in mcthat will bring out freedom to life

, worms

. underneath skies dying

beautiful europe / empty, blue:: is by our dreams baby,, pretty in eye- liner, broken in security,
: fall to the floor / I no longer

in debris / live, we strung out sluts want our own //

every house in the quiet
rot has a conscience , delicate pieces of scream

// write this alone : every dayspit

feels a corridor / fashion’dglitter in feeling well

see liberals pale
, sanctify

are an extinction / is

known a relic
all promise––

shareholding a piece of this applause, icon, postcards, oil -on-canvas, countryfucking / give

a shit / vote conservative / straight

imitation dignity,, tragic
mouths open –

schooled against the soul dismay / feels an o.b.e. sells at market

/ patronise against the soul , close

the pits, misery tours my fossildreams

// anxiety frag -ments your landscape, sleepwrite

this alone if its
real against the soul

– Nat Raha

Source: Peepsfest – In celebration of Linus Slug/Tommy Peeps/all things Mendoza