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‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

‘UNIFIED’ Paul Conneally & Camilla Beresford 2017 ‘The images detached from every aspect of life merge into a common stream in which the unity of that life can no longer be re…

Source: ‘Unified’ | Burn The Water

Yes, the spectacle looking back at us . . . to paraphrase Roland Barthes. And, the sweep of western art and philosophy inherent to my mind in the plaque of antlers, pedestaled busts, hung friezes recalling Josef Beuys and his shamanism, Duchamp’s Mutt as well as the continuous processes of consumption and elimination. So rich, in terms of depth, our human art-making, as here, and yet how empty oftimes our response(s) can be when relationship is missing between. – Donna Fleischer

The Century Of The Self – Part 1

The Centry of the Self |

BOMB Magazine — Melvin Moti by Emily Zimmerman

BOMB Magazine — Melvin Moti by Emily Zimmerman.

On Natalie Lyalin’s “Try a Little Time Travel” – ‘It feels like painting a larger picture’ | Jacket2

Try a Little Time Travel     Natalie Lyalin

‘It feels like painting a larger picture’ | Jacket2.

Works by Adam Niklewicz include “The Charter Oak” and “Walking Around a Tree,” 2012. / Vimeo

Character-Author Counter-Transference / V e r v e o l o g Ÿ

Character-Author Counter-Transference | V e r v e o l o g Ÿ.

Haikus, as you say, reach through metaphor to the thing itself. A sound, thunder, our response a short burst of poetry (or therapy). I like your direction with dream; your haiga on a leaf, which reminds of Eavan Boland’s great poem, “Woman Painted on a Leaf”, her cry to “just let me die”. And, then, the great quote from ManGong Sunim, who is new to me, so thanks all around. ~ Donna Fleischer”

James Baldwin / Who Is the Nigger?

The Monstrous Art of Pop / Gaga Stigmata

Gaga Stigmata: The Monstrous Art of Pop.