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Riot Grrrl United Feminism and Punk. Here’s an Essential Listening Guide. – The New York Times

This NYT article states: “Leapt upon by the media, riot grrrl disappeared almost as quickly as it materialized — too stubborn or scared to plunge or get sucked into the mainstream.”  Not so. Mainstream media in capitalist systems vampirize living systems, such as those forms or offshoots of alternative media that generate underground, including original genres like music and mimeographed publications. Mainstream media do not create, they reproduce for maximum profit via advertising content. Ipso facto, news stories exist to deliver advertising messages to consumers. Feminism and punk were generated underground. Once these were vampirized by the mainstream the vital information, knowledge, and experience that gave them life were coopted, for mass production and consumption, i.e. profit . Like mycelium, Riot grrrl chose to surface from the vast, alternative net beneath the treeline. It did not disappear, nor did Feminism. These returned to radical roots. Daily, interstitially, these transmogrify and resurge in nonquantifiable ways. – Donna Fleischer @ word pond

Dangerous Minds / Laura Kennedy of The Bush Tetras R.I.P.



Dangerous Minds | Laura Kennedy of The Bush Tetras R.I.P..