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Clelia Ifrim | two haiku from “House on the Ocean Shore”

Silence of blue night –

pebbles from the river change

the water’s shadow

Deeper and deeper

a falling time around it –

quince left on a branch

– © Clelia Ifrim
House on the ocean shore
© Editura Limes, 2014

House on the ocean shore is a bilingual anthology of haiku and tanka, translated into English from the original Romanian by the poet.


Clelia Ifrim



Quince photograph by Robin White

The great contemporary Spanish painter, Antonio Lopez Garcia, painted a Quince Tree, Arbol de membrillo (see the extraordinary film about this, “Dream of Light”, 1992). Lopez once said: “My insistence on painting quince trees is due to the fact that just by looking at them, they convey the beauty of life to me. The aroma of the fruit excites me, and when I sit in the shadow of a quince, it’s as if I were sitting beside someone truly charitable.” (“Antonio Lopez Garcia”, MFA Publications:Boston, 2008, p. 126)

I am fortunate to have a very old quince tree nearby which I visit at least once during each of the New England seasons. The faint scent of quince in winter is extraordinary because it is still there and reminds me of life in death.

~ yours truly, df