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Eyes should be washed, we should see things in another way.
Words should be washed.
A word in itself should be the wind, a word in itself should be the rain.

Sohrab Sepehri (1928-1980): from The Footsteps of Water, 1965


Beyond the Pale



Nairobi National Park, Kenya | Andrea’s Vacation

Nairobi National Park, Kenya

Source: Nairobi National Park, Kenya | Andrea’s Vacation

Ayub Ogada – Kothbiro – YouTube

Everly Brothers – Crying In The Rain (live 1983) HD 0815007

Tad Robinson – Rained All Night

Without A Song – Supremes

~ that field of corn would never ever see a plough / that field of corn would be deserted now / . . . now I know what makes the rain to fall, the grass so tall . . . all my loves for bv, cro, re, and cfv, all their loves, for me – DF

Alan Summers Haiku in “A Vast Sky” — A New Anthology

drifting rain

my hundred autumn rooms

to be alone

– Alan Summers

A Vast Sky | Word Pond
A Vast Sky @